Getting your shoes to fit like a glove

Getting your shoes to fit like a glove

In many ways, shoes are way more than a shoe. A well-fitting shoe provides maximum comfort as you go about your day. It also helps you avoid painful problems such as blisters, while providing you with a whole range of other health benefits. If you are a keen sportsperson or even an enthusiastic amateur, optimal shoes can also aid your performance to give you a competitive advantage.

In short, it pays to think carefully about your shoe purchase. This article gives you a few tips to do just that and consider the important factors in your new shoe.

The benefits of a good shoe

First, the ‘why’ – there are many benefits to finding a good pair of shoes. These include looking good, saving money, boost your esteem, and give you an edge in sports. One of the lesser-known benefits is that you can improve your overall health by choosing your shoes carefully.

Not only does a well-fitting pair of shoes reduce your chances of getting blisters, cuts and other foot injuries, it protects your ankle and legs. Creating optimal posture can also help your joints, skeletal system and reduce back or neck pain. In short, choosing the right shoes has all kinds of benefits! 

A huge range of choice!

When you walk into Nike stores in Australia, you are met with a sea of choice! To avoid being carried away with the best and shiniest choice, you should think beforehand about what you need from your shoe. 

Fundamentally, Nike shoes are running shoes. It is tempting to think that they can be good ‘all-rounders’, but really they are purpose built as running shoes. To avoid the aforementioned problems, it is best to buy purpose-built shoes best suited to the type of activity you are undertaking. 

Most shoes are custom made for a specific activity. From smart brogues for business meetings to basketball shoes, each shoe is designed with a narrow field of activities in mind. 

Brand – and quality

The big shoe brands are generally known for their manufacturing quality, and you know you can rely on their durability. Australian Nike stores have all kinds of choices depending what end of the budget scale you are shopping. However, Nike is known for running shoes.
Depending on your lifestyle, there may be other good quality options available from other brands or even lesser-known manufacturers. You should think more about the activities you plan to do with your shoes than the brand name on the side. 

Think about your feet – and body

It is important to define a budget for your shoes to avoid breaking the bank. But it is also important to think about the impact on your feet and ankles especially if you make the wrong choice.

The fundamentals you should look for are a good build to protect your feet, a comfortable inside to provide support, and a design that allows your skin to breathe. On top of that, you need a design that looks cool! In short, you need to be as demanding as you can be – after all your feet deserve as much support as possible! 

There are all kinds of use case for buying shoes. If you are a serious sports player, you will know exactly what you need to get the best possible performance from your body. 

Finding more general shoes for a long day on your feet at work can be a little tricker – but equally as important. If your feet hurt during the day in a warehouse or school, it can be a bid distraction from what you are doing. Blisters, or even pressure on certain areas of your foot can be a very unwelcome source of pain as you try to do your work.

Finding your perfect shoe

To find shoes that fit you like a glove, put some thought into how you plan to use this particular pair. If you are on your feet for long periods, consider some cushioned inner soles that ensure your feet are evenly supported with no painful pressure points.

Enjoy your search, and remember that the cheapest shoes do not always represent the best bargain, as you are likely to have to replace them much sooner.  


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