Gifts for Gamblers – 5 Present Ideas for Poker & Slot Players

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your gambler friends and loved ones? If yes then you are at the right place.
I know it might be a hassle to find the right gambling gifts that will surely be useful and enjoyable. With online casinos getting more popular in Canada, almost every gambler is addicted to gambling online. Our guess? They would be happy to receive gifts associated with gambling.

Canada has a wide range of choices of gambling gifts, online or in physical stores. So, do not miss out. May it be a cheap or expensive gift, we know that your loved ones will appreciate it. 

Here are five present Ideas for your gambling enthusiasts!

Designer Playing Cards

Decks of cards play a significant role in casino games. Gambling can express its probability through the cards with its standard 52-card deck. While you can quickly obtain a regular deck, you can also customize card decks.

Playing cards can be customizable. As a gift, this can easily be catered to the recipient’s liking. Decks of cards can feature artwork inspired by favorite characters, films, or artists. There are numerous options; simply select the one that most closely matches their preferences.

It’s an excellent present for casino enthusiasts. Apart from its unique design, you can easily play casino games such as poker wherever you are. You can replicate the gambling experience without traveling to distant locations.

A Mini Slot Machine 

What better gift can you offer to a slot player than a slot machine? Mini slot machines can give you a little gambling fun without having to go to Las Vegas. 

The most enjoyable aspect of slot machines is the lever pull. When you pull the lever, the slot machine may flicker lights and play a sound if you win. You can pull this toy as many times as you want without spending money, as you do with actual slot machines.

They are a bit pricey if you have a limited budget. But a high-quality slot machine will give money’s worth as it can make any casino lovers happy. They can act as decorations, and you can also play whenever you want.

Poker Chips Set

Having a poker chip set makes it easier to recreate the casino experience even at home. You can now set up your own poker game and play with friends and family. Casino enthusiasts would surely appreciate this gift.

There are four types of poker chips: plastic, composite clay, ceramic, and metal. Which one you choose will depend on the recipient’s preferences and the budget that you have. 

The cheapest poker chips have plastic material. In comparison to these chips, other types have a more professional appearance.

Composite clay poker chips are moderately priced, and they do have a nice texture. They are the most common type of chips.

The following type of poker chip is ceramic. They are more expensive, but the smoothness of the chips justifies the price. They can be customized and feature unique designs.

Last but not least is metal chips. They are the most uncommon chips among the others, and they provide players with a unique sensation.

Shot Glass Roulette

Almost every gambler loves a drink or two while they play. That’s why a shot glass roulette is also a perfect gift if the receiver loves drinking.

A shot roulette includes 16 shot glasses, a wheel, and a ball if you are wondering. It is played just like in casinos. The only difference is that your reward is a shot of alcohol and not money. 

The game is enjoyable because many people can join. You can play with your loved ones. Additionally, it can be more fun because of the presence of alcohol. 

Take note that there are no exact rules on how to play it. You can also use non-alcoholic drinks if you’d like. When you consider this, make the game as exciting as you want!

Headphones for Playing Online

Since online poker and slots are popular among gamblers nowadays, good-quality headphones can be an excellent gift idea. 

Other than offering an online casino bonus, online casinos also offer an enjoyable experience with their sound effects and background music. Thus, your loved ones who prefer gambling online will appreciate headphones for a new level of gambling experience.

With headphones, they can focus on their games and feel like they are in a real casino as they hear the game completely. 


Above are perfect gifts for casino lovers. You can check them out in stores and make your loved ones happy by supporting their love for gambling. 


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