Phishing Attacks on Mobile – General Information

Phishing Attacks on Mobile General Information

In recent times, you can live without your family, friends, and others for some time, but it is rare to remain some time without the mobile. Yes, there is a new term which has come into use – nomophobia – or the fear of being away from your mobile. The reason mobile has become popular is, in combination with the internet, you can complete every daily activity without moving from your place. Unfortunately, of late, a lot of negative aspects and activities are happening with respect to the mobile. A wrong phone call, you give the PIN number and your entire money can vanish without a trace. Yes, the activity is famous as a phishing. In this article, let us focus on the phishing attacks on mobile step by step.

Why Should We Give Importance To Phishing?

There was a time when phishing concentrated on emails. Now, with the emergence of digital payments on online transactions, the shift is on mobile devices. And there are a few steps which the hackers do that are really scary.

Yes, there is one factor which you have to notice. Phishing scams occur every day in many parts of the globe, not all get covered in tabloids or make the news. The reason, it is concerned with a single individual. But consider the same with ransomware. When WannaCry happened, all the business companies cried foul. The reason, millions of computers are infect. The owners of computers and laptops had to shell out the money to get the encryption key. Does that mean phishing is a lesser evil to ransomware? No way. In fact, it is even deadlier than ransomware. The reason, once you lose your money, it is hard to trace.

Phishing Attacks on Mobile

Usually, the hackers try to make us fall into the trap by various sources. They can approach you by calls, or a text or message. In recent times, they make use of social media to reach the number of victims. And since you are hooked onto the mobile in your spare time, and if the content arouses curiosity, then the link gets clicked. And then the mayhem starts.

As per the online security experts, you are more prone to phishing on mobile than on desktops/laptops. How? We will see in the next round of paragraphs.

Phishing Attacks on Mobile – Mobile Apps

The trend changes every few seconds or months. In 2016, the trend was the introduction of apps. Every small and medium business company introduced its app version to reach a number of customers. But the same concept was lapped up by phishing agents who designed fake apps similar to the original payment companies and swindled millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims.

How Do They Do It?

The problem comes when you do not download the app from authentic online stores such as Google Play store. The fact is every software is available on the internet. If they are talented, they can use an entire set of tools to build a fake website very similar to an authentic one and make you enter your password and other confidential details. Beware, every part of the original payment website can be duplicated right from images to fonts and even the URLs. But there will be only a slight change, which you find difficult to identify in this fast-paced date and time. And the activity does not stop there. They will distribute the same fake app via different app stores so that you will not get a doubt.

Yes, there is the two way or multi-authentication to surpass many phishing activities, but these guys have found a way to outsmart the process. They can design a fake log in web page similar to a payment website to get your credentials. After you get the password, you enter the same in the fake login website. And the hackers get your password. Now, he /she can use it to their advantage. Please do not judge the fact, that your money will get stolen just by giving information. It can be stored for a week, month and then can be sold to other persons to harvest your money.

Please note, that the websites which resemble an original payment website can be online for only four hours. As per online security experts, every twenty seconds, a phishing website gets launched.

Phishing is an activity by which a third person can retrieve your personal and confidential information for his/her own personal use.

Phishing Attacks on Mobile – Another Way To Gain Information

Let us imagine the situation. You are searching for a costume on the internet and you land on a popular e-commerce website and after that you browse on one or more pages, and some pages do not open, stating 404 error. You do not get a brainwave, but proceed to make the payment. After the transaction, you get a message in your mobile that a part of the money has been stolen. Perturbed, when you go back and check the website, you find that it is available. When you check on the history and landed on a certain page, you find that the website is a replica of the e-commerce store and it has been taken off the internet.

Now, there are various reasons. You had checked that this website has an https. It is not only security agencies, but even hackers who are upgrading their skills every second. They think of genuine ways to swindle the money from your bank account. The very last year, it is estimate, many websites obtain an SSL certificate to cover their nefarious activities. If you have done the purchase on your mobile, the more difficult is to track down the money.


So, there ends the article on phishing attacks on mobile. How to prevent phishing attacks? Please exercise caution while making the payment. You need to check the URL at least two times before entering the confidential information. And do not download apps from every other website. Kindly follow the rules.

But yes, there are times you can feel spyware has downloaded on your mobile. It is very rare in recent times, as all mobile have the requisite software to fend off malware invasion. If you have a genuine doubt, get the device service by an expert. How about a simple example?. You have a mobile off warranty and it was working fine. But of late, you have a doubt, that spyware install in your mobile. Yes, you did the DIY method and all, but you want to get the best solution. You are a Mumbai resident and a working professional. Now, the best way is to seek the services of an expert skilled in mobile repair Mumbai. You have to download the app of the company providing the best online home appliance repair service in Mumbai. Then search and book the expert who is near to your home or office. Please note, the persons are qualified, verified technicians and they can solve your problem. Your phone will remain in good working condition.

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