Etched Glass Design Trends that will Rule for a While

Etched Glass Design Trends that will Rule for a While

Etched glass is something that has been in trend since one can remember. From victorian masterpiece designs to modern geometricals to postmodern potpourri of designs from the best brands in the market, this style of glass has been around us in the form of one object of the other.

The great thing about etched glass is that it comes in a variety of forms like  iridescent, luminescent, dichroic and more, each to suit your aesthetic sense. Nevertheless, even if the etched glass has been in fashion for such a long time, the trends within the glass designs itself keep changing.

If you have a penchant for etched glass and are looking forward to using it in your property, we’re sure you would have figured out a good dealer that offers a wide variety in glass fusing supplies. And when you have done that, you should let us tell you that there are no boring patterns that last decades; there are trends that change every few years.

The Tropical Delights

 This one, just like Hawaii, never seems to go out of fashion. This sort of etched glass is more of a residential than a commercial choice. When it comes to commercial places, it is mostly chosen by the hospitality sector.

Pagan scenes, birds and butterflies, hills and rivers and flowers, expect all kinds of natural tropical scenic delights on etched glass.

 Safari in the Bathroom

The safari scenes are a very popular choice for bathroom panels. Images of zebras, tigers, palm trees, and other such safari scenes , are a great choice for bathroom glass panels. It gives a rather refreshing look to your bathroom.

The Geometricals

It may have started with Picasso, but it hasn’t ended yet. The classiest of choices can be geometrical designs. Starting with just two colors to as many as you like, these designs can be a subtly classy panel or a kaleidoscope for colors and patterns. They are best suited for modern decor and furniture rather than with elaborate furnishings like Victorian lamps and traditional furniture.

 The Victorian Scene

If the intricacy of design is what you prefer, you’d be happy to know that brands and dealers still offer Victorian design artglass supplies. Etched glass door panels are still as elegant and class apart as they used to be under the queen’s rule. And this kind of intricacy is something no other style beats. So if you are a fan of antiquity, this is the kind you want. Curvy and fine designs are a hallmark of this style. Choose it if you have a traditional setup rather than a modern or ultramodern.

The Frost

Frosted etched glass is perhaps the best in art glass-making one can do. The artistry of etched glass together with the ingenious idea of some privacy is marvelous. However, frosted glass is not just for privacy. The look it gives to the etched glass is way more subtle than the no frost look of the glass. An awful lot of restaurants and hotels choose this for offering semi privacy. The good thing about frosted glass is that you can pick up any popular design and get a custom frosted glass.

 When you choose glass furnishings of any kind, etched or plain, make sure they go well with your decor. The great thing about decors is that you don’t just go about a complete overhaul every 2-3 years. This is why the glass furnishing stays relevant for your decor for a long time. Also remember that trends do come and go, but classy styles that have been assimilated into our tastes and preferences for generations mostly stay, only the quality improves and techniques of fusing get better with time.


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