Planning for the Perfect Bowling Party

Planning for the Perfect Bowling Party

Bowling may seem like a challenging game to play, but it is easy to learn and once you get the hang of it, you will get hooked. If you have your friends or family on the lanes, it will surely make the game more memorable. The more players you have, the better, so while you are at it, why not turn the whole thing into a bowling party?

There will be a bit of planning involved, but as long as you let your friends and family pitch in, it would make the event more meaningful. Plan ahead of time about what you can do aside from the actual game itself. You can have a little award ceremony, you can give prizes to the winners, you can order food and drinks for the whole group, and you can even plan a program that includes more party games.

Plan What Happens at the Lanes

Look into the number of people that will attend the party. At most put the number of teams at a minimum of four to a maximum of six. If there are people who cannot join the games, you could put them as scorers or watchers. You can also put them in charge of the refreshments while the games are in place. Make sure everyone has a responsibility.

Brush up on the rules of bowling so you can plan how long the games at the lanes will last, that way you can allow more time for other activities as well as dining together before the night ends.

Hand out the Responsibilities

Here are two ways in which you can make sure everyone has something to do:

  • Write every job on a piece of paper and have everyone take a piece. Using the same method, you can also divide the group into teams for the bowling game itself.
  • For a work-related party, prepare several coloured balls to signify the number of lanes and how many people will be on each team. Make sure people from different departments get to work with someone from another department. For larger groups, it would be best to create committees for certain responsibilities, i.e. for food and drinks, decorating, program flow, etc.

Plan Other Activities

If there are other parts of the party, such as awards and recognition, rent out a different room so you can also bring in food and refreshments while it is going on.

  • Get all the certificates prepared

For a corporate bowling party, prepare the certificates in advance, so you will not have to worry about misspellings or printer errors. If you plan to have a bit of fun, put in some special ones like, who came in the earliest, who eats the most, etc. Have a good laugh while dishing these special awards out.

  • Play additional party games

Aside from the bowling game, preparing additional parlour games that the group can enjoy before holding the award ceremony is also ideal for keeping everyone constantly entertained.

To some people, organising the party could be just as fun as the party itself. Making sure that every single person gets to help out; little tasks go a long way in building camaraderie and sportsmanship. After all, this is what a truly fun party is all about, building stronger relationships and creating lasting memories.


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