Grand Canyon National Park Helicopters – 5 Tips for Perfect Flights

Grand Canyon National Park Helicopters - 5 Tips for Perfect Flights

Among the finest ways to visit Grand Canyon National Park is to do it by helicopter. So that you can find the best flight, I assembled five tips. Get more info by perusing this article.

The first thing you should know if you have to choose between touring the West or South Rim. Your departure city plays a part in your decisions since you will fly to the West Rim if you take off from Las Vegas and to the South Rim if you take off from a city in Arizona.

The South Rim is pretty far from Vegas, so helicopters are unable to fly there on a direct flight. You can still take a chopper tour of the South Rim even though you are staying in Vegas, because all you have to do is fly to Tusayan in Arizona by airplane, and then begin your chopper tour from there. Most of these packages also come with a 2 1/2 hour bus tour inside the Park.

Here are the five tips for you to keep in mind

Tip No. 1

Pick the right time of day. Grand Canyon choppers take off hourly, but I suggest trying for a departure that’s sometime between 8 and 11 in the morning. That’s because the air is less turbulent in the morning, and it’s much clearer then, so you have the best views. On the other hand, the late evening and sunset tours are nice too. In fact, the sunset flights are so popular, they sell out quickly. Because there’s just one day to work with you’ll have a difficult time getting seats (but it’s worth the effort). If you want a sunset tour of any kind you’ll have to purchase it at least two weeks ahead of time.

Tip No. 2

Take a tour that lands if you can afford it. You’ll find the best selection on Vegas flights, and they are all great fun. For example, one tour lands at the bottom of the canyon where you enjoy a Champagne picnic and another tour does the same but adds on passes to the Grand Canyon Skywalk and a float trip along the Colorado River. These tours are so popular for good reason, they are fantastic experiences.


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Tip No. 3

You can choose an air-only tour instead, and if you do, pick the one that takes off from the Strip in Vegas and offers transportation to and from your hotel in a limo. I suggest one of the 50-minute flights if you’re doing the South Rim-they cover up to 3/4 of the entire National Park.

Tip No. 4

Book well ahead. Try to get your seats booked one week in advance if you can, or you can even book them at the same time you book your hotel and other travel arrangements. Helicopter rides are in high demand and sell out quickly, especially during summer.

Tip No. 5

Book on the tour company’s own website. That’s where all the good deals are found. You might as well save money on your tour if you can. The possibility of saving up to 35% on these tours is a good one if you snag the Internet price. Use the tour operator’s online booking form to qualify for the Internet rate. Otherwise, you could end up paying full price.

Wrapping Up  :  If you keep these five tips in mind, you can plan a fabulous tour of the canyon. All of these tips can help you but I really find the first two – booking in advance and online – to be the most important. In this manner, you’ll get access to a larger selection of trips and the best prices.

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