Do’s and don’ts when Shopping for a wrinkle cream

Do’s and don’ts when Shopping for a wrinkle cream

Don’t: Buy the wrong cream for your skin

Most women have this understanding if this wrinkle cream worked on her friend, then it should work on her too. That’s absolutely far from the truth. Before purchasing, it’s crucial to be aware of your skin type.

There are major 5 skin types; oily, normal, combination, dry and sensitive.

For example, if you are dealing with deep forehead wrinkles and having an oily skin. Then a think, emollient forehead wrinkle cream is not a good idea. Same goes for, dry skin with wrinkles never get along with absorbent, matte-finish formula.

Do: Check ingredient label of the product

Some of the ingredients might contain harsh ingredients that might not be suitable for your skin.

When you encounter any form of retinol in the ingredient. Know that it’s one of the high quality ingredients for wrinkles. It’s effective with sun spots, dullness, saggy skin and fine lines.

Checking ingredients gives an idea of how this cream or serum works. If planning to boost collagen, then definitely Youtonicswill be the best candidate because it covers Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein in its ingredients. Making it a leading collagen supplement for wrinkles.

Don’t: Believe in overnight claims, there is no miracle creams

Most of commercial anti-wrinkle creams do dubious ads about how this will cure fine lines over night and give you 20s looks.

And of course, support all their claims with fake before and after pics. It’s always vital to track down the manufacturer behind any skin care product. However, if you find any kind of too good to be true claims, simply stay away.


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Do: Get a Sunscreen, it really helps a lot

The #1 factors behind premature aging is frequent exposure to UV rays from Sun. To simply put it, if you don’t apply any kind of sun screen on your daily skin care routine. All other anti-aging creams will be useless.

The interesting part about our skin is that it has built in regenerative properties. Our skin changes every 28 days. The sunscreen gives the skin a chance to regenerate instead of defending itself from continuous damage from sun exposure.

Don’t: Buy cheap products, just don’t

It’s inciting to see cheap price tags on good looking anti-aging bottles. But once you start using them this price tags backfires. Not only might it be useless. It can be damaging to a wild degree!

Just having one good product, is much better than buying 20 cheap products that will not be used due to their damaging or useless results.

Do: Drink tons of water, don’t even count

Most of the time we underestimate the amount of water consummation our skin uses. Thus, becomes dry, fragile and weak. A lot of times the missing puzzle of common wrinkle problem is just not consuming enough water.


It’s always great to be aware of your skin needs. However, following what the media, ads and promotions without doing your thorough research can lead to more damage than good. Shop smarter by simply googling what’s right for your skin.


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