9 of the Greatest Movies From the 1970s

Greatest Movies From the 1970s

The 1970s were a great decade for films. Between the rise of the blockbuster and the auteurs working at their best throughout the decade, not to mention these stars, it’s a film nerd’s dream. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about this decade in film, are our top movies from the 1970s would be a great place to get started. 


Adapted from Stephan King, Carrie is a feminine body horror masterpiece. This movie captures the horrors of being a high school girl, from locker room bullying to getting your first period. Carrie’s supernatural powers are just a heightened version of this truth, showing the increased emotions and pain that puberty can cause. 


Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, Alien is one of the most influential action movies ever created. With a unique heroine, great pacing, and a memorable setting. Alien is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. 

Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

If you only know this classic from that one kid quoting in middle school, give it a shot. It’s a humor classic that stands the test of time. This influential comedy was shot on a shoestring budget and manages to only get more influential with time. 

It even spawned it’s own musical, Spamalot

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 

Gene Wilder is incredible as Willy Wonka in this classic adaptation of Rahl Dahl’s book. This dark kid story has incredible visuals and characters. There’s a reason this movie is still a part of kid’s childhoods to this day. 


This list could easily become just a list of Goerge Lucas films. Largely credited as the inventor of the modern blockbuster, Jaws stands out as the true classic. 

Everything about this movie has become iconic, from it’s music to its imagery and dialog. Not to mention these stars! Even the poster is an icon. 

Apocalypse Now 

Francis Ford Coppola’s magnum opus, this film adapts the classic novel Heart of Darkness into the then-recent Vietnam War. Famous for its crazy film shoot as much as for it’s incredible cinematography, this film is a legend of the new Hollywood era. 

Grey Gardens 

It’s rare for a documentary to become an icon, which is part of what makes Grey Garden’s so special. This documentary follows “big” and “little” Edie, relatives of Jackie Kennedy, as they live in isolation in their estate. Running out of money and descending into squalor, the film allows the two to tell their own story and show their own lives. 

A Clockwork Orange 

Kubrick’s’ controversial masterpiece has been parodied countless times now, but the original still stands apart. A vividly filmed movie, this movie focuses on questions of morality and just society. Its focus is a gang leader and fan of classical music and ultra-violence Alex Delarge, who commits horrific crimes and suffers perhaps more horrific punishment in a futuristic and strange London. 

Best Movies From The 1970s

Hopefully, this gave you a great look at the important time in film making that is the 1970s. If you like learning about entertainment, check out more of our blog. We have a lot of great articles for you to read!


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