How to grow your business using social media marketing on mobile?

How to grow your business using social media marketing on mobile?

Mobiles are the need of today’s generation, without our smartphones in our hands, we cannot function, it is part and parcel of our lives. The screen of the device that we use plays a big role in the content revolution.

When it comes to social media platforms, we know that every medium is different. But one thing is consistent, and that is the content. Every social media requires the brand to write a status or a caption or a tweet that means you have to write words that can appeal to a person even when they access the medium using a phone. What does this mean? Well, it implies that the size of the content should be such that people can read on mobiles.

If you are targeting mobile users, you cannot write long content, as no one would like to read them. Even the statistics state that mobiles are important for growing your business as 80% of people access social media using their mobile phones, and 60% of the referral traffic comes from mobiles.

So, how can you optimize your social media strategies for mobiles? One way is to post using a mobile device like the Canva mobile app. It helps you assess how the content would look on mobile when you post it on social media platforms. If you want to learn more, these tips below can help you.

Let’s look at the social media strategies for mobile to grow your business.

The content should match with the social media platform

Every social media platform is different from one another. Also, when you access them from your mobile devices, their layout change, which is yet another thing you need to keep in mind.

Moreover, marketing fatigue is a real thing. It means that when you promote the same content across all media channels, the followers lose interest in it.

Here are some tips for each social media channel:


FB mobile presents the content in a single column, which means you have mere seconds to impress your users. If the content you present looks exactly like the content of other brands, or if it is the same as your Instagram or Twitter channel, it won’t stand out.

You want to increase the engagement rate, and you can do that only by posting outstanding and visually stunning content.


The number of users accessing Twitter using mobile is 83%. Now, a user or a brand can share images and website links through their Twitter account. This feature was first published on the mobile version and the desktop version. 

Also, to engage more users on Twitter, you should publish images too as they are more in demand. They let you share the image in a rectangular shape.


Instagram now lets you share images in the landscape and portrait mode. You can use this feature or share the image in the old square shape, up to you. The only thing to keep in mind is that however you post, make sure your feed looks great and consistent.

Use your phone’s camera to click images for creativity

When making strategies for your social media platforms for mobile, keep in mind to take pictures from the phone’s in-app camera too. It will help you take a creative and spontaneous picture and frankly, lugging your DSLR everywhere is not an option.

If you find a great spot, taking a picture of your phone is good. Clicking in the right light and using the right angle, you can take amazing photos from your phone too.

You can also try to click photos using Canva’s editing app and edit it right there and upload it all within minutes.

Also, taking and uploading selfies is a great option as it lets you share something personal. Numerous brands used selfies to promote their product like Samsung or bring about a change in the world like UNICEF when they asked celebrities to take a selfie with the #wakeupcall for the Syrian crisis.

Just remember one thing; selfies work better with teens and on platforms like FB and Instagram.

Cover photo matters

Your cover photo is the first thing a user will see on Twitter and Facebook. That is why you need to make sure that it is something that appeals to the people, and encourages them to follow your account.

Now, it has to be something that resonates with your brand and the message you want to convey. It can be about a product you are launching. Or the image can be bold if your brand is bold and adventurous like Thumps Up.

Find out the correct image dimensions

All social media channels have different dimensions for posting images. Even in the same channels, there are different image dimensions for different things. Like in FB, for a post, you need to post in square or other shapes, but for a link post for your website, it needs to be 948*788 pixels.

You can use the Canva to make layouts for all this, they have pre-designed layouts too.


Live-updates are an awesome feature that helps keep the excitement and intrigue alive. They appeal a lot to the users, and posting through mobiles allows you to live-update.

Using your phone, you can post a live video on Instagram or Facebook and give your users a sneak-peak about an upcoming event or so on. You can also live-tweet from an event letting the people know what is happening.

It is a great strategy, but you need to keep in mind that quality still matters. So, don’t compromise with the quality, the instant image or video requires quality and some sort of resemblance with your brand.

Consistency is crucial

This strategy is common, whether you are targeting mobile users or desktop ones. You need to be consistent in your posts. You cannot post twice a week for a month, and then suddenly stop, it will make your customers lose interest in your brand.

Also, don’t post too much, it will overwhelm them, post enough to inform, and make yourself valid in front of your customers.

Don’t rely only on mobile-optimized strategies

It is important to optimize your social media marketing strategies for mobile. But it equally crucial to ensure that a user can open your social media pages on all platforms. A person can use a mobile, or a desktop or a laptop gives the time and situation. That is why you must optimize your content across all platforms.

Remember these seven tips to connect more with maximum users. Do you have some other tips? Let me know in the comments below. 


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