A Guide to Choosing Custom-Printed Promotional Hand Sanitisers

A Guide to Choosing Custom-Printed Promotional Hand Sanitisers

Cleanliness and Hygiene are important for your health and well-being. This is especially true in today’s times when the global pandemic has forced everyone to pay more attention to their safety.

Thanks to COVID 19, the demand for hand sanitisers has exploded. Individuals and businesses are looking for the most effective product to prevent cross-contamination or virus attacks.

It can also be a better way to advertise with a social message. Businesses can opt for a clean representation with promotional hand sanitisers. It is a great promotional gift idea as businesses resume operations, and the economy slowly gets back on track.

There are several critical factors to keep in mind if you are also looking for custom-printed hand sanitisers. You can also click here to explore various options.

Types of Sanitiser

There are two types of hand sanitisers available in the market today- gel and the foam-based ones. Gel-based hand sanitisers are more popular because they are easy to apply and don’t have a sticky feel as opposed to foam-based ones. But gel-based ones evaporate quickly while foam-based hand sanitisers are more reliable and stay on longer.

Think about your clients, their lifestyle, and accordingly, choose the option that you think best fits their requirements. For instance, if you are looking for giveaway gifts for trade shows or conferences, you’d probably want something that suits the clients’ mobile lifestyle. In this case, gel-based sanitisers will be the best.

Type of Dispenser

People need hand sanitiser everywhere, be it at the home, office, school, market, hospitals, or any other place where germs might be lurking. Hence, different types of dispensers are available in the markets. They include pumps, spray bottles, squeeze pouch, and bottles.

If buying hand sanitisers for fixed locations like stores, hospitals, desk, etc., are a good option while spray bottles are excellent for the golf course, travel, car, etc. Simultaneously, squeeze bottles and tubes make an excellent choice for carrying in purses, school bags, travel kits, backpacks, etc. You can choose a suitable packaging as per your need.

Alcohol Percentage

For general use, the CDC recommends an alcohol percentage of 60% or more in gel and foam-based sanitisers. Check with the vendor regarding the alcohol percentage. Most general-use sanitisers contain 60-70% alcohol. Choose the right one for better efficacy in killing germs and viruses.

Scented or Unscented

There are scented sanitisers available in soothing and pleasing aromas like lavender, peach, etc. You can choose one that complements your brand and serves the needs of customers.

Special Accessories

You can also consider special accessories like Carabiners, sanitiser stands, and stations that make your giveaway unique. They will make the customers stand and take notice of your brand.

Sanitiser stands, or stations with automatic dispensers, are common in banks, shopping malls, salons, and other public places. The sanitiser station provides for a large advertising space with your brand name and logo imprinted to catch the attention of passers-by.

There are many custom printed sanitisers available online for you to choose from as per your customers’ needs and preferences. For more assistance and help with choices, please click here.


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