Best Guide to Wear a Casual New Year’s Eve Party

Best Guide to Wear a Casual New Year's Eve Party

The days when men would don tuxedos and women would dress up in floor-length gowns and long gloves for New Year’s Eve parties are a thing in the past. Now people like to wear more comfortable clothes for most of their gatherings. If you’re going to a friend’s house party for New Year’s or heading to your local bar, you’re probably planning to wear something on the casual side of the spectrum.

However, there are still plenty of ways to make your look feel special. Adding one or two elements of formal wear is a surprising and modern touch. Plus, it helps you get extra wear out of the special-occasion clothing you have hanging in your closet.

Over-the-Knee Boots

A fast way to dress up a casual look is to put on a pair of over-the-knee boots. There are many choices for this look now. These can have high heels or be comfortably flat. They come in leathers (or a leather look-alike) or forgiving stretchy fabric. The over-the-knee boots add a sexy element to your outfit without overpowering it – plus, the taller boot helps to keep your legs warm on a cold winter night.

To make your look extra-special for New Year’s, go with a type of boot you usually don’t wear. Try boots in a glittery or shiny fabric or a bold color like red. You can even add some colorful or lacy hosiery with it.

Combine your boots with a mini-skirt or a long, button-up dress with the buttons undone to show off your boots. If the boots are roomy enough, you can put them on over a pair of leggings or skinny jeans, too.

Shiny Shoes

Another footwear-related way to jazz up an outfit is to put on some blinged-out shoes. Don’t think you’ll have to be in pain to wear a pair of shiny shoes. These can be any style that suits you – stiletto, pump, mule, or loafer – manufacturers now make these in all kinds of ways.

A pair of plain jeans will make you instantly look a thousand times fancier if you wear a pair of silver or gold shoes with them. Consider trying some sequined shoes with your black khakis.


Speaking of sequins, these don’t have to stay on your feet. Add a sequined top or even a jacket to an otherwise casual outfit to make it feel very dressy.

Sequined skirts, in whatever length you desire, are also an easy way to up your New Year’s game a little. These are sold at most junior’s clothing stores at affordable prices. The bonus part is that sometimes sequins even make a little noise while you’re walking or dancing –the perfect attitude for a New Year’s Eve party!

Silk and Velvet

Look in your closet forsilk and velvet items. A lacy silk top is a sexy and unexpected accompaniment to your standard jeans. Throw a denim jacket over a velvet blouse for a pleasing contrast of luxury and utility.

Don’t forget your skirts. A silk or velvet skirt paired with a plain T-shirt in the color of your choice feels special but not too stuffy, just perfect for a casual gathering.

Leather Pants or Skirt with a Stylish Sweatshirt

Wearing a leather skirt or pants with a stylish sweatshirt will edge up any outfit. This will make the look more casual and approachable. You’ll look current, comfortable, and glamorous.Add a pair of heels and some gold hoop earrings – and voila, you’re done. If heels aren’t your thing, put on a pair of low booties or motorcycle boots to complete your look.

Colorful Accessories

Unsure of what to wear? Dig into your accessory closet for some colorful accessories. New Year’s is a cheerful time, so think happy colors to bring out the best in people. Bangles, glittery earrings, or statement necklaces can all come out of hiding – not all at the same time, though – that would be too much.

Remember what Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”


Another way to instantly look fancier in a casual outfit is to pay more attention to your make-up. Forgo the natural look and try out a dramatic smoky eye. If you’ve ever wanted to do a dramatic cat-eye wing with liquid eyeliner, New Year’s Eve is the time.

Or try out a palette with bold colors. These days, brands like Nyx offer color-saturated eyeshadow palettes sold in drugstores for reasonable prices.

You can also go for a strong lip color, perhaps in something unexpected, like royal blue or green. The sky’s the limit. If you don’t know how to do your make-up, there are thousands of YouTube tutorials available – one of the benefits of living in the modern age.

Most of all, pick clothes that make you feel like the best version of yourself and inspire confidence. Forget the restrictive clothing and focus more on comfort and joy. Ring in the new year feeling confident, comfortable, and sleek. You can’t go wrong if you wear something that makes you happy.


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