Coolest Designs For Vanities and Counters In Your Bathroom

Coolest Designs For Vanities and Counters In Your Bathroom

The style of the bathroom speaks a lot about the individual. It displays his effect, the inspiration behind the layout and the time taken to implement the little details like the vanity and counter into the whole bathroom worktops. Superficially, these may be trivial details, but an insightful man would not leave a chance to show his extraordinary skills. 

The bathroom vanity can either be a show-stealer or an unforgettable storage box. But today’s sources tell us that the latter is never the case! 

It doesn’t matter if you believe in a modern-looking bathroom or vintage, we have ideas for all. From ultra-contemporary modern designs with shallow sinks to vintage rustic vanities with vessel sinks, we have it all, and we love them all.

Most of us wake up in the morning, and the first thing we do is stand near the vanity and look at ourselves. Thus, the vanity and the counter is the essential element of the bathroom. So, we have brought you self-picked ideas that would make the look of the whole interior of the toilet.

1. Dive into Nature

This style of a washroom should be on the ground floor with various plants and wooden vanities. Now, if you have a bungalow, this is the best kind of the bathroom you can style. With the sense of nature, we added the waterfall tap integrated with rectangular basin. It entire bathroom would have browns and greens sending you in the realms of greenery. 

2. Curled Wooden Vanity

If you don’t want to go into an extravagant kind of a look, you can still stay classy. You arrange for a wooden counter, curling back around on itself, creating a small vanity to store fresh towels. On the counter, you can have all black and white toiletries looking elegant and classy. Also, a spider plant can be added to the side of the counter, adding some freshness to the bathroom.

3. The Rustic Theme

This theme is for all the people who love the vintage look. If you have small white marble as your bathroom walls, don’t worry, we have it covered for you. As the bathroom walls already give an old-fashioned look, the addition of a rustic but modern bathroom vanity would build the appearance. With that, the white theme would go well like white towels, plants in white vessels, and a white candle.

4. Low-levelled Vanity

In this design, we have a low-levelled vanity of marble with a bathroom worktops and a high-levelled sink. In the vanity there are places to store toiletries and other supplements like towels. And on the other side of the vanity, we have a chubby padded seat for comfort. An extra shelf can be created near the sink to keep the necessities and also a knob to hang a towel. All of it near the sink!

5. The classy one

If you are a perfectionist and a stylist, this design is perfect for you! Get your walls painted like the Kintsugi marbles and create a mounted wall of wood in color, nude. The bathroom worktops should be grey with a full-length mirror behind the sink. The sink can be a high-levelled one!

6. The Touch of Metallic Copper

This style is for all the people who like vintage looks and love nature equally. If using a stone-clad background, the bathroom worktops, the sink and the other essentials can be kept white. Still, the edges of the mirror, the vessels of the plants, the hook for the towel and the tap can be metallic copper to give a touch of elegance and providing harmony to the stone-clad background.  

7. The Storage King 

The counter can be of marble bathroom worktop with a wooden vanity, or if you want, the counter and the vanity both can be wooden with two big drawers and a full open shelf. Add a bunch of flowers near the sink and on the opposite side of the wall, add three glass shelves for more storage. 

We tried covering ideas for all kinds, from vintage to modern ones. So these were a handful of ideas we had picked from the lot. Hopefully, this helped select the perfect bathroom for yourself because the look of the bathroom can make or break the look of the interior!


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