The Importance of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Early in Your Case

The Importance of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Early in Your Case

Facing a criminal charge often carries with it the possibility of jail time or significant fines. In some cases, you could find yourself being a pariah as is often the case of rape charges or other forms of sexual misconduct. Needless to say, this will be a very trying time for you, filled with anxiety due to the potential consequences. Stroleny Law, P.A., is whom you should turn to during such times, thereby ensuring exceptional legal representation for your criminal case. 

While hiring a criminal attorney immediately is usually the sensible thing to do, you may not have that presence of mind. Between the possibility of losing your freedom and the sheer enormity of it all, it may slip your mind to contact an experienced lawyer immediately. However, that’s exactly what you should do when facing criminal charges.

The following are the main reasons for reaching out to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you’re facing criminal charges:

1) Protecting Your Rights

Sometimes, things move quickly. One moment you’re going about your daily life and the next thing you’re in handcuffs on your way to the local precinct for booking. As a suspect in a criminal case, you have rights that shouldn’t be violated. Unless you’ve got a legal background, you may not fully understand what such rights are. If you’ve been arrested, the best thing to do is keep calm and say nothing. 

You’ll be entitled to one phone call. That’s your chance to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Even before such a lawyer arrives to attend to your case, they can provide you with valuable information over the phone. For instance, you have a right to fair treatment. This means that the arresting officers cannot harass you simply because they’re the law. Having legal representation early on ensures that you don’t suffer indignity and other violations of your rights.

2) Thorough Case Investigation and Evidence Preservation

Rarely do prosecutors bring criminal charges against an individual without fancying their chances of winning in court. This usually means they have sufficient evidence to back their case. Having a criminal lawyer handle your case early on ensures that they can access this evidence during the process of disclosure. 

This will give them enough time to mount a credible defense. This will usually involve investigating all the relevant aspects of the case and questioning the evidence to find weaknesses. While rare, it’s not unheard of for law enforcement officials to fabricate or doctor evidence to support their case. An experienced criminal defense attorney is better equipped to thoroughly investigate any malfeasance to ensure that you’re not convicted using questionable evidence.

3) Developing a Defense Strategy

Rarely does a prosecutor dive straight into a case without a solid strategy. This is why you should have a defense strategy to counter that of the prosecution. This is because even seemingly simple criminal charges can quickly become complicated. Having a criminal lawyer on your side from the get-go ensures that your case does not fall prey to the many legal pitfalls that so often creep up during such cases. Your lawyer will weigh all the facts and circumstances of your case. Given their experience in handling such matters, they’ll know the best tack to use. 

4) Negotiating a Deal

Going to trial isn’t always the best strategy. Sometimes, a plea deal will work in your favor. This is especially true for serious cases. Leaving your fate in the hands of a jury and the presiding judge may not be the smartest thing to do. Of course, only a seasoned criminal defense lawyer can give you this kind of advice. Such a lawyer may even be in a position to negotiate a generous deal for you, one that involves far less jail time than if you were to be convicted. 

5) Emotional and Financial Support

Aside from providing legal knowledge and representation, a criminal lawyer can provide emotional support. Some trials can take months or even years. Throughout this period, you’ll likely be very nervous, wondering what the future could mean after your case. Your lawyer can be a source of support for you during such times. Sometimes, you may just want somebody to talk to about the whole thing. An experienced criminal lawyer knows that sometimes defendants just need someone to listen to them. Also, hiring a criminal lawyer early in your case could mean a quick resolution. This could save you significant sums of money in legal fees.

All in all, you should contact a reliable criminal defense lawyer as soon as you’re faced with criminal charges. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and regret later on.


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