How to advertise your business for free

How to advertise your business for free

Having your own business can be very challenging especially if you just start your business. And, logically, you would want to promote your business in any way possible to gain more profit and increase your client base. Promoting is basically advertising and this is exactly what you need to achieve your success.

There are a lot of classified ad websites like Pin and many other resources. As you may know, to advertise on the Internet or, especially, on social media is really popular right now because of digitalization and you should use those platforms maximally because we understand that you probably can’t afford a TV commercial.

So, here are some of the main tips on how to advertise your business for free. So, here we go:

Google My Business will help you a lot

By registering your shop or another business facility and signing up you get a lot of perks. First of all, your shop or something else will come up on Google Search and will be shown on Google Maps. Also, different users will be able to leave a comment on Google Maps. This way your good reputation and client base will seemingly increase. And this will also increase your chance to get into the Google Search top and people would rather choose you over other types of business which provide the same product.

Signing up is usually very easy and does not take a lot of time. The one thing that you will need to worry about is how to take your photos properly because those need to be put into Google Maps and Google Search. The quality needs to be good, as well as angles and lighting. Do not forget that sometimes the client thinks with eyes.

Try to pop up in search results as much as possible

We hope that this point does not need to be explained much but still, we will clear out some moments for you. There are a lot of social media platforms where you can advertise your products by just creating a profile there and posting good content. Again, this means a nice picture and a text that is useful to get to know your shop or what is the product exactly. By doing this bare minimum you will turn your subscribers into customers. If you have too many platforms and too many social media accounts then try asking someone that you trust to help.

But you can promote not only on social media and keep that in mind. First of all, think about creating your own website. This might take a lot of time and some money but do not forget that we are going the freeway here, It is possible to create a decent website that will work properly without extra paid help. Also, there are a lot of platforms? That is created especially for advertising of your business, so this should be handy too.

 Write even more texts

There are a lot of different blogs and different themes and we are sure that some of them cover the topic that is converting for you. Even if it is wrong, you can create your own blog and just go with it. There is also such thing as guest articles for other blogs, where you can advertise.

Social Media Profiles

I am not going to write here about company profile as it’s quite evident, ask your colleagues also mention where they work. 

Conclusion: Use any opportunity to tell about your company and always Google your competitors brands to see how they advertise and tell about their companies. In such a way you can find lots of new websites for promotion.

So, those were some of the main tips on how to advertise your business for free, We hope that they were useful and good luck!


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