Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer System

E55 Elliptical Trainer System

When we think about low impact exercise, the first thing that comes to our mind is an elliptical machine. A machine that is low in impact but offers a total body workout has to be the first choice. Such machines increase stamina and endurance.

You can get different types of elliptical machines. Low budget ones with basic stride motion and high budget ones, which has excellent features and sturdy built. But what if we can get a mixture of both worlds. Budget-friendly elliptical trainer with well-executed features. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer System is what we are talking about.

Review of Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer System

Just by the look of it, you can see how sturdy and well-built the machine is. It is designed as a compact one, so it hardly occupies space in your gym area. It can tackle up to 375lbs with ease.  The machine is tech-friendly as well with all the Bluetooth and USB port system. Working out on it focuses on your cardiovascular health as well as muscle toning. Not all elliptical trainer promises muscle toning. So, this one is different, that too at a reasonable budget. Now what more it has, let’s find out pronto.


It is one of the most sturdy yet compact elliptical trainers in the market. The thought behind the design and features is well executed as well. The compactness hasn’t compromised the features at all. The machine has a front flywheel that has a dual-wheel design. All the loads from incline and resistance are handled by the wheel pretty well as it provides the best inertia. You also get two sets of handlebars- one static and one for moving your arms in motion. One of the handlebars has the pulse check sensor to keep a check on the heart rate as well. Without any doubt, the best elliptical under 1500.

Incline and Resistance

It has 20 incline levels, and the 20-inch stride is effortless. The magnetic resistance is quiet. You are not putting any pressure on the joints, though you are working out at the highest incline level.


It has a large LCD monitor, about 9-inch. If you want, you can connect your tablet or smartphone to the machine. It will turn to a monitor for you. Keep the tablet on the tablet holder and move it according to the clear visibility.


It has ten pre-installed workout programs. You can control the incline and resistance level with them. They are easy to try and follow. If you do not know what to do or how long to do, this comes handy for you. The machine also thrives on its Bluetooth capability.  You can transfer all the workout data to other devices. Track the fitness info and move them on its very own Sole app or any other fitness app. Keep a check on your fitness progress.


  • Dual flywheel for smooth resistance
  • 10 position foot pedals and 20 incline levels
  • 9-inch LCD screen
  • Bluetooth’s connectivity for data exchange and USB charging port
  • Warranty- five years on parts and electronics and two years on labor


  • Heavy

Losing weight, toning muscles, increasing endurance level, all depends on your will to work hard. With a bit of patience and this machine, staying fit becomes easy and fun.


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