How to celebrate Halloween during Covid-19

How to celebrate Halloween during Covid-19

Do you love celebrating Halloween? Are you worried about missing out on the horror-fuelled fun this year? While you may not be able to host a big party or head out trick or treating, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a memorable Halloween. Here are five ways you can get into the spooky spirit despite the pandemic.

Host a fancy dress zoom party

If you and your friends usually have a fun-filled fancy dress party, why not host a virtual Halloween gathering on zoom? You can all pick your favorite horror film character or other scary costume and get dressed up, then play some games on webcam. Some great options include a Halloween-themed pub quiz, Pictionary, bingo and charades. If games aren’t your thing, put some music on, grab a drink and enjoy a natter!

Do a trick or treat treasure hunt

This is a particularly great option if you have little ones that you’d usually take out trick or treating. Get creative by setting up a Halloween inspired treasure hunt at home, hiding a variety of sweets, chocolates or any other treats you fancy in different rooms. Then, create a series of cryptic clues that they must solve to find the hidden treats. It’s sure to keep them (and you) entertained for hours!

Decorate the house with your family

One of the most fun things to do at Halloween is turn your home into a spooky haunted house, packed full of terrifying, spine-tingling decorations. So why not get your whole family in the spirit by decorating together? There are loads of fun Halloween decorations on the high street, from hanging skeletons to cobwebs that won’t break the bank. So, no matter what your budget, you’ll find a cost-effective option to suit.

Have a horror-themed movie night 

If you like the idea of hiding behind a cushion all night, then this one’s for you. Have a terror-inducing movie night with the people you live with, complete with a range of spooky snacks. There are tonnes of great Halloween films available on Netflix, including Friday the 13th, The Conjuring and Insidious. There are also family-friendly movies you can watch with the kids, like Goosebumps featuring Jack Black.

Do a pumpkin carving competition

Another idea is to arrange a pumpkin carving competition with everyone in your house. Buy a pumpkin for each person and get your creative juices flowing by deciding what design you’re going to create. Then get to work removing the flesh from the inside and carve your pumpkin to perfection. Once you’ve all completed your designs, pop a tealight in each and decide on a winner. If you can’t make your minds up – you can always turn to social media and ask your followers to help you choose!

Even if you can’t head out the house this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun-filled Halloween. As we are all keeping a close watch on our finances at the moment, it’s good to know that we can still enjoy a small slide of normality. The question is – which of these will you do this year?


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