Here is How you can Increase the Glam Quotient of Your Home Walls

Here is How you can Increase the Glam Quotient of Your Home Walls

We all dream of a house that is glamorous and cozy. Everyone likes to invite their family and friends to a stylish house. Do you know that by following some simple and creative hacks you can easily increase the glam quotient of your house? Surprised? Don’t be, keep calm and read on.

1. Texture Painted Wall

A texture painted wall can completely transform the look of your house. On any given day it radiates more charm than wallpaper or flat wall paint. These are high in density, pigmentation, and can practically create any kind of effect on your wall using this concept. There is a sea of options available for Wall Texture Design in the market to choose from. Waves, wood wall illusion, floral pattern to abstract design, your imagination has no limit with this concept.

There are different finishes you can opt for, if you are using an abstract design then you can try the rough, grainy finish. For a smoother look, go for a glossy or sheen finish. You can also try the satin or eggshell finish; it adds a slight glow to the wall when the light falls on it. Nerolac Paints have some wonder range to select from, you can browse them online, and get a fair understanding of the Nerolac Paint Price.

2. Exclusive Brick Wall in the Living Space

An exclusive brick wall that remains exposed is one idea that can bring a change in your décor. You can choose specific walls in your house to create this look. Living space, kitchen, and gallery are three areas where this feature looks the best.

In the living room, an exposed brick wall in its characteristic red color, above your fireplace or behind your bookshelf creates old-world magic. It gives a cozy, comfortable look to the room besides making it look aesthetic.

In the kitchen bright orange exposed brick wall just above your chimney makes it highly attractive along with grey walls.

In the gallery area, you can go with the subtle shade to give the place a spacious look.

3. Wall of Frames

Choose a few walls in your house, and fill them up with your favorite frames. You can depict your life journey through these frames, or simply frame your favorite artwork.

A wall in the living room, which receives the maximum light should be chosen to show off various holidays and trips that you have made around the world with your loved ones. If you have a corridor that leads your living room to the dining area, then deck either side of the corridor with frames to create a dramatic look.

To add a little fun and personalized touch, try framing all the cute artworks your little ones and you would have done together. You can choose to display it near the dining area, or the kids’ room.

4. Light up Your Walls

Light plays a very important role in glamming up the overall look of your house. Poor lighting can steal the charm of your walls and décor. You can make hollow shelves in your wall, place some statement artifacts, and have a focus light fixed right above it. The result would be a stunning wall with all the golden glow.

If you have a spacious living room, then glam it up with a geometrical or abstract chandelier or you can try some vintage lampshades too.

We hope the above hacks were useful and interesting. Always remember it is not about how much you spend on the interior décor, it is how smartly you spend to get the best look.


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