How MS Power Point recovery can fix the corrupt PPT File?

How MS PowerPoint recovery can fix the corrupt PowerPoint Presentation

Know here How MS Power Point recovery can fix the corrupt PPT File?

Microsoft office is a collection of client and server software and services develop by Microsoft. Whole of the office package covers all the necessary applications require for the office use and according to the Softpedia reports. Microsoft office is use by over an estimate of a billion people in the world. It contains several desktop applications important for multiple purposes. These are the applications which are use in our daily lives. Whether you are a business class employee or a student or even a shopkeeper. Then you can use all these applications for multiple purposes. Such as writing some content or maybe preparing a PowerPoint presentation or using the excel sheets.

Creation of the presentation files can be do by using the Microsoft PowerPoint software. The several pages that are contain inside a PowerPoint documentation are call slides. And are present one at a time using animation , images sounds and other amazing effects which makes it more appealing and beautiful to look at. The Microsoft PowerPoint documentation is saved using the PPT and .ppt extension.


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The three types of extension used by the PowerPoint to save a file are:

  1. PPT: PPT file stores all presentation data in a single binary file. It is use by MS PowerPoint 2003 and its earlier versions.
  2. PPTX (Open XML): PPTX file is create by using the Open XML format. It stores the documents as a collection of separate files in compress form. It can be open in MS PowerPoint 2007 & 2010.
  3. PPTM (Open XML Macro Enabled): PPTM file, which is also known as macro-enable presentation, contains embed macros. It can be open in MS PowerPoint 2007 & 2010.

The preparing of a PowerPoint file can take a lot of time and work to complete it. As a single file can contain a lot of slides and has a complex structure and is very large in size sometimes. Which can cause complications and make the file vulnerable to getting damage and corrupt easily. If it is a computer file then it can get corrupt easily. That means basically all the computer relate apps and software are always vulnerable to get corrupt and are virus prone. In the same way a presentation file can get corrupt by many methods. Like including virus infection, unfinished system shutdown, improper cancellation of presentation files or application unexpected hard drive system crash, malfunctioning of software application and mishandling of a presentation. Find Microsoft Office Customer Service Number for talking to customer support team if you have any issue in your MS Office products.

There are ways to repair a damage or corrupt presentation file of MS PowerPoint. The corrupt presentation file can be repair by using “Open and Repair”, this feature is built in the MS office which is use to repair the corrupt files and presentation. This is one of the easiest and the most effective solution to repair the corrupt files.


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There are ways in which we can perform this step, by following the below mentioned technique or steps:

  1. Open the Microsoft PowerPoint program and then click on the office button that is present on the left side corner of the screen.
  2. After this step, a list appears with several options, click on Open.
  3. A small window pops up after that you can select a corrupt file from the system directory which needs to repair.
  4. Click on the arrow near the open button which makes a list scroll down.
  5. Then from the list select open and repair. After a little while the file repair and will be ready for use.

The above mentioned solution doesn’t always work for all the files. So in case this happens you can choose other various methods for the repairing of the files. One other repairing method is mention below,

  • Try and open a corrupt file in OpenOffice Impress
  • Aftervopening the corrupt file on the Microsoft Word which can at least save the text part of the presentation if not the full one
  • Importing the files from the damaged file into a new file
  • If any of the above mentioned tricks doesn’t work, then use a third party recovery tool for the purpose. PPT, PPTX and PPTM recovery tools are there in the MS PowerPoint recovery. Which can easily recover the data from the corrupt PPT extension files. The way it works is that it creates a totally new file and then stores the recovered data in it instead of just recovering the old one and keeping the data stored in the same file.

MS PowerPoint recovery can easily recover the data from the corrupt PPT files of the MS PowerPoint 2003 and all the later and updated versions. MS PowerPoint recovery recovers data from the corrupt PowerPoint files which support the XML macro-enabled format; all the tools are equip with the user-friendly interfaces. Sometimes these issues cannot be fixed by online support so for any issues you can contact Laptop Repair in Gurgaon Service providers for your instant help.


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