How to Download Instagram Stories? Know from here!

How to Download Instagram Stories? Find The Best Hack Here!

Are you looking for a way to download Instagram stories? You have reached the right destination. This article will provide you information about all such latest tools which can help you to download Instagram stories for free.

You must be aware that videos and images shared on Instagram stories by any Instagram user cannot be accessed or seen after 24 hours. So some of you might like to download and save your favorite Instagram stories on your devices.

Let us discuss a simple way to download Instagram Stories. You may follow the below-mentioned steps to download the Instagram stories using an Instagram story downloader site:

  • Open the Instagram account of the user whose story you wish to download.
  • Now copy the username of that Instagram user.
  • Visit an Instagram story downloader tool.
  • Paste the username, select the story you wish to download and hit the ‘download’ button.


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There are many useful sites or tools or mobile apps available to assist you in downloading Instagram stories. Some of it is mentioned below:

  1. Instagram Downloadr: You may visit Instagram Downloadr site to download your favorite Instagram stories. This tool requires no sign-up or login and just paste the username of the profile whose story you wish to download and save the story.
  2. Storiesig: It is a site which is free to use and will let you download Instagram stories.  It works flawlessly, but some customers have posted feedback related to the crashing of the site.
  3. Story Saver for Instagram – Story Assistant: It is one of the story savers tools available which can be used to download Instagram stories. It can help you to save multiple Instagram stories at once.
  4. It claims to let you download Instagram stories in one single click. It is one of the easiest to use Instagram story downloader available.
  5. IgStorie: This site allows you to save Instagram stories for free. You don’t need to sign-up or login on this site and you may download unlimited Instagram stories using this tool.
  6. Insta Videos Downloader: You have to paste the URL of the Instagram profile of the user whose story you wish to download. After that just click on the download button. And save the Instagram story on your device.
  7.  On this site also, you will need to provide the Instagram username first, then you can proceed to download the story. Make sure you paste only the username and not the full URL of the Instagram profile.
  8. This site downloads the story after you provide the URL of the profile. However, in this application you can download multiple stories of any Instagram user.
  9. has a special feature to download your favorite story from Instagram and simultaneously you can share the story on different social media platforms. In this app, instead of providing the username, you may search for Instagram users. Select the profile of the Instagram user and then download his/her stories.
  10. Alo Instagram: It has three simple steps which you need to follow to download Instagram stories. Copy the username or profile link of the Instagram user, paste in the app box, and click on the download button.

In conclusion, I like to say that many user-friendly and free Instagram Video Downloader and Instagram stories downloader websites or mobile-applications are available. But some of the best ones are mentioned above, so save this list and use any tool anytime.

Download Instagram stories for free!

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