How to get your appliance repaired in this pandemic?

How to get your appliance repaired in this pandemic?

This pandemic of Corona virus has struck our lives in a very difficult manner. The entire normal scope of our day to day lives have been disrupted and we have not been able to achieve the productivity that we are accustomed with. On top of that due to this pandemic we were not prepared on how to react to these very extraordinary circumstances. However, it must be noted that life did not come to a standstill. We still had chores to do at our homes and we still had businesses to run. Some people started to work from home and some students started to learn from home.

Likewise, there were some essential services that continued to provide services without any disruption. One such thing happens to be appliance repair. Given that our houses are filled with appliances we would be requiring the help of professional services at any point in time.

Operating in the new normal

Before the pandemic struck our lives, professional services used to visit our houses so that they could run a diagnosis on the machine that is creating problems. Once that diagnosis was done, you would have been the choice to go with the company’s quote all you wanted to get a second opinion.

However, if you do decide to go with any kind of professional service usually they would have had all of the repair process done at the site because it was convenient since travelling the device from your home to the repair workshop would have taken more time, would have cost you more in terms of moving, and it has potential risk of getting damaged in the process of travelling.

However, the same conditions do not exist anymore because due to the coronavirus, authorities have asked and regulated that minimal physical contact should be maintained with other human beings because it can be the main carrier of the virus. Given that the professionals from these companies work throughout the city, they are extremely exposed to the virus and if they do come into their house they expose you to the virus as well. This can be extremely deadly and something that is unwanted.

So how are the processes supposed to go on in the wake of the disease?

First of all, it must be noted that throughout the country and in your area all the plans repair companies have responded to the situation in a very drastic and very professional manner.  They have made sure that they are able to handle these circumstances and have made sure that they are better equipped to handle these.

They have accomplished this task by training their stop about all the precautionary measures that must be included in their service. More welcome are they have included essential items regarding personal hygiene and disease prevention in their professional gears.

The second major that companies have undertaken is that they do not do house calls unless it is extremely needed. Appliance repair companies have partnered up with technology companies who have provided them the solution so that they can diagnose a machine through technological devices like a mobile phone or a laptop. Through a video call a technician can guide the customer about the ways he or she can diagnose the product. And if the issue can be resolved by the customer himself or herself, then the entire process is also downscaled to the customer through a video call.

However, if this option cannot be exercised for any given reason like the customer is too old and does not know his or her way around technology, they live in an area where they have bad reception and do not have access to go technological tools, or the process is too complicated that it has to be dealt by professional service providers.

In these circumstances making a house call is a dire need and something that cannot be avoided. However, companies make sure that they perform the diagnostic in an open space without the presence of the customers. And if the customers do decide to repair the appliance with the company, instead of repairing the appliance on the site, they take it to the repair workshop where they can get the TV repair done.

Moreover, the companies make sure that all of their employees have personal protection equipment on themselves and when they are moving the appliance from the house to the workshop and from the workshop to the house, they do sanitize the entire machine so that there is no transmission of the virus.


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