How to increase likes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram?

increase likes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram

These days social media has become a maths for most of the people because they have created a business from it. Earlier, these platforms were use to socialise with people and encourage other individuals to visit to stay connected with your distant relationships. But now, the trend has changed people are around the world have turned the social media platforms to an online business platforms. It is important for you have to be conscious about getting how much likes your page has managed to collect or the number of followers can help you to make your page popular.

On that note, you have to be very cautious about every detail because it is an online podium which means that whole world is connected. In business language, you can say that you have to deal with high competition. It is that kind of race which has its winner in every another hour and to beat that minute you have to vigil in terms of what you are posting.  Before getting deep in the concern, it is important for you to have a smart gadget that can help you to run the posting things without any buffering to it.

To address our socialising concern there are two ways that you can make anything everything possible and that is by using smart phones or laptops or personal computer. If you are missing on any of these gadgets and you are looking to buy for a new one then you can consider doorstep loans.  To make your purchase easy you can also buy it online or directly go to the showroom. It is important to have an updated version of everything that can make your social platform worthy to get more likes on it.

Coming to our core issue, of how to increase the likes on the various social media stages you have to know every nook and cranny. Only that way, you can consider making the best use of increasing the number of likes on the platforms likes facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Therefore, moving further let just discus some pointers to on each of the following:

    Face book

This platform is known to be the father of social media because from the day it was launched and till now, this stage is not ranked down. Instead more and more people are connecting to it with the same dignity and hype it has created in the beginning. Therefore, if you follow these steps, then you can increase the chances of getting the like:

  • Craft a viral content
  • Send invites to like your page
  • Use your posts to attract the viewers
  • Add likes pop ups
  • Associate with an influencer


It is known to be the page where you have to create an identity to stand a valuable comment. If you think that your idea has the potential to beat the competition of then the chances of increasing the like on this source can become easy. It is because the audience on the twitter looks for the quality and valuable content to read. It is known to be highly used by celebrities and political leaders around the world. Hence, by following some tricks you urge followers to hit the thumbs up:

  • Make a strong bio
  • Post quality and informative content
  • Use hash tags to with catchy captions or tagline
  • Understand the value of words and provide the best of what you think in brief
  • Show your presence as influencer and attract the viewers
  • Makes sure that your page does not involve with any censored errors


The most useful and productive app that, you can think of because it challenges your interest. This app is unlike other apps because it just urges you to follow your interests. Therefore, to get the likes on such platform can be hefty because it becomes difficult to catch the interest of the borrowers. But nothing is impossible to achieve, there is only one mantra that can be use to increase the number of likes such as:

  • Be regular, updated and unique of whatever you post
  • Join boards it can help you know the what others are skipping
  • Post original content like, images or video
  • Make the best use of occasions that can truly work
  • Look for contest and tag more and more people


It is that platform where you can get yourself addicted but to increase the chance of your presence you have to be updated. Such platform can raise your value if your idea can truly worth to watch:

  • Check with other hash tags and try to cross check
  • Be unique and play with words to create crisp hash tags
  • Make the best of your bio link
  • Do not allow any un wanting content on your page

Therefore, by following all these steps you can stand a chance to stand in the line of much accepted by viewers. It is important to be updated and vigil with social media because to get a tick is not an easy task.

 Description– It is an interesting way to show cases your talent because social media has promoted its position. Now, it is not just social but a career platform too.


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