Must Have Sarees for Indian Brides in Wedding

Must have Indian Sarees in your Wedding Trousseau

Marriage is one of the biggest & a memorable for everyone. Especially in India every girl shops for the best jewelleries and dresses of all kinds. Marriage trousseau has been a unique and beautiful Indian tradition since ages. Though its forms and extents have modified over the years; the practice is still there. The heavy sarees have been replaced by the lighter fabrics. The handmade pieces have been replaced by the designer wear. And the typical regional dresses hav

e been replaced by one piece from every different part of India. These days, the Punjabi brides have sarees as well as western outfits. The south Indian brides have Punjabi suits as well. So, if you are also shopping for your wedding, then the following blog will be of good help to you. This blog has a list of must-buy Indian Sarees for your wedding trousseau. Read it and make your trousseau rich in every aspect. For keeping the shopping in your budget, use the Craftsvilla coupons. Below are must Have Indian Sarees For Every Bride

Kanjeevaram Sari

The Kanjeevaram silk sarees come from the Kanchipuram district of Tamilnadu. Traditionally, they were woven by skilled weavers specifically and worn by elites only. However, the modern day industrial textiles have allowed every bride to have one. You should opt for the classic pieces in the trendy colours as per your complexion and preferences. The hot pinks, reds, deep oranges and greens are some of the most popular colours. The Kanjeevaram Sarees gives a royal vibe and are really beautiful. They instantly transform your aura and make you look like a queen. You can also take inspirations from the latest Kangana Ranaut look and buy solid colours.

Banarasee Silk

Silk Sarees are really beautiful and can be worn at any kind of occasion. One of the must have silks is the banarasee silk. It is available in different forms and patterns and is popular amongst the brides that want classy looks. The banarasee silk sarees come in different colours and fabrics. If you have a thin frame, then opting for the fuller fabrics is a good choice. And if you have a curvy figure, then you should opt for the softer silks that hug your body. Use the latest Craftsvilla Offers and buy at least 2 Banarasee Silk Sarees that can work for all the ethnic occasions.

Bhagalpuri Silk Saris

The Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees are one of the softest sarees that are famous across the whole world. They have been a favourite among the royals as well. The patterns and colours can get sober to quirky. You can opt for the ones that suit your personality perfectly.

Bandhej or Leheriya Sari

This is one of those sarees that instantly adds charm to every bridal look. Available in lots of peppy and bright colours, the Bandhej or Leheriya Sari is easy to wear and carry. The traditional sari patterns make you instantly ‘desi-fied’ and an instant hit among the ‘Sasu-ma’ fraternity. Opt for the Gota Border or kinari borders and add a charming look to your bridal trousseau.


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Chanderi Sari

Add that fluffy fabric to your sari and flaunt your newly-wed look like a boss!! The Chanderi Sarees are one of the most beautiful sarees as the fabric can get any kind of dyes. There are various options available such as border saris, printed saris, embroidery cum prints and heavy saris.

Opt for the designs that you can wear even after some time. But buy one at least.

Gota Patti Sarees

The traditional Gota Patti work is one of the most beautiful and expensive works in India. The overall look and feel of the Gota Patti Sari is out of the world. Gota has been worked upon differently in different parts of India and has been an all-time favourite. If you don’t want the heavy work, then opt for the simple Gota border work. If you want to wear a heavy sari for reception etc, then opt for the pure metal Hyderabadi Gota. These sarees require special care otherwise the Gota will lose its shine and colour.

Chiffon Saree

The Chiffon is really one of the most favourite fabrics of the Indian Brides. These sarees are light, beautiful and classy. Explore some pictures of the legendary beauty Gayatri Devi and other royals for some classy inspirations. They make every bride a cool, royal and sassy one! The prints as well as embroideries are equally good.

Butterfly Pallu Sarees

The butterfly pallu sarees are one of the easiest sarees to wear. They have to be only draped and pleated as the pallu is designer and already set. There are various versions available such as half-n-half saris, net pallu sarees and peacock pallu sarees. The tagdi sarees are also a hit variant that is loved by all brides.

Cotton Sari

Cotton is a sophisticated fabric for formal as well as semi-formal dressing. If you are a working lady, then having cotton sarees in your trousseau is a must. They will make for an excellent office wear for some days after the marriage. Go for the peppy and or solid dark colours with exquisite borders. These sarees are also available in embroideries and heavy work.

Well, these are the must-have sarees for every bridal trousseau. To make the shopping easier on your budget and legs, opt for the Craftsvilla Offers.


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