How to choose wooden windows for your home

choose wooden windows for your home

Wooden windows have become the preferred choice for homeowners in recent years. They are ideal for those people wanting to achieve a vintage and traditional look in their home. When choosing wooden windows, there are a few things to consider. They come in a vast array of styles and finishes so it is important to understand what to look for in a wooden window. Wooden windows add value to your home instantly and they are not just visually appealing but also energy efficient.


Six tips to consider when choosing wooden windows

1 : Consider maintenance 

will you be able to maintain your wooden windows? Wooden windows are already treated to prevent rotting and fading, and weather proof. They have vinyl on the inside which helps to prevent them from aging. Much like all windows, they must be replaced at some point but not any sooner than other types of windows. When considering wooden windows, you must consider the range of preventative steps you should take to increase the lifespan and durability of your windows. Regular wood window repair checks should be done on each window in your home.

2 : Is it budget friendly?

Wooden windows are generally more expensive initially than other conventional window types. This is due to them being sustainable sourced. It is important for you to do some homework before settling on this type of window frame. They are very secure and come with their own locking system for increased peace of mind.

3 : Which do you prefer?

Since there are so many options to choose from with wooden windows, you should consider a style that matches your preference and your home. It is good to acknowledge that no two pieces of wood will be the same as every grain is different. This means that each one of your wooden windows will vary slightly in its look. Despite the type of wood, you choose, each window casement will be different.

4 : Does it suit your home?

Wooden windows undoubtedly add uniqueness and class to any home. With their natural beauty they effortlessly enhance and complement any home if the right variant is chosen.

5 : Wooden windows are eco-friendly

Since it is made from natural material, wooden windows are environmentally friendly than other window types. If this is important to you then opt for wooden windows that are sustainable sourced as the trees that have been used are replaced.

6 : Locate a reputable manufacturer for wooden windows

Wooden windows are visually appealing and a great addition to your home, however, they must be manufactured and installed correctly. It is therefore important to find a good and trustworthy manufacturer to create perfect window casements for your home.


Why should you choose wooden windows?

Wooden windows add architectural detail to most homes but that is just one of the perks. They offer so much more benefits. Below are 10 reasons why you should consider wooden windows for you newly built or renovated home:

  1. They offer beauty and appeal –

They are effortless in uplifting the look and value of your home.

  1. You can choose from many variants –

You are not tied down to one or two options. You have many options to consider according to your preference.

  1. Weather proof –

They are suitable for any climate and are weather proof, making them a viable option.

  1. They are made from sustainable material –

They are much friendlier on the environment as mentioned above. They also require less energy when they are being manufactured compared to other window types.

  1. They are durable –

Wooden window frames are made to last decades. Modern timber designs require very little maintenance.

  1. Insulation –

Wood is an efficient insulator

  1. Double-glazed windows –

Double glazing can significantly reduce the amount of energy that is needed to regulate temperatures in the home. Studies show that this can save you 50% on energy bills.

  1. Maintenance –

They are easy to maintain provided you treat well and seal them properly. Maintenance is done simply by washing your windows. You can also purchase maintenance kits and do them at home on your own.

  1. Wooden windows are available pre-sealed and pre-glazed –

Wooden windows are available in its complete stage where only installation needs to be done. They do not require any further treatment once they are fitted.

  1. Timeless –

Wooden windows are timeless, and many people are searching out antique wood for their windows. As time progresses, wood looks better and has more value. For this reason, wooden windows have the best staying power.

Choose wooden windows that best suit you and your home but remember to carefully consider the above recommendations.



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