Shall I Integrate HubSpot with Stripe?

Shall I Integrate HubSpot with Stripe

If you are using HubSpot, there is an array of payment options available to you. These options include HubSpot Stripe integration, HubSpot PayPal integration, HubSpot credit card integration and more. If you are considering HubSpot Stripe integration, you might want to know the pros and cons of using Stripe. Keep in mind that depending on your business, this online payment gateway may or may not be suitable for you.

It charges low online credit card payment fees. A stripe is an affordable option providing you with complete customization. A lot of online stores and services are reaping the benefits of this platform. If you are a developer, you can create a custom product to address the unique needs of your business. This simple platform comes with a vast array of tools. A developer can use its API to customize storefront and billing features. This third party feature-rich payment processor allows merchants to create a robust online presence.

Is it best for you?

Here is when you can integrate Stripe with Hubspot:

You are a business with on-staff developers

If you are a developer or you have an on-staff developer, you can take advantage of what this payment processor has to offer. However, you can also hire a third party partner to customize the Stripe API for you.

You are a global commerce merchant

Stripe provides you with the facility of currency conversion. You can accept payment from around the world. Currently, Stripe is available for set-up in 25 countries. Companies using Stripe in these countries can accept payments in any currency.

You are a business presenting a low fraud risk

As it is a third-party processing service, Stripe approves accounts automatically. If you are at risk for fraud, you are also at risk of cancelation of account. This payment processor is suitable for you if you are a low-risk business.

Why Use Stripe?

Set Up Checkout on your website

Want to embed a payment form on your website? If you are using Stripe, you can do that. There is no need to use an external link taking the customer to a payment site. You can customize and add payment form on your website.

Payment on multiple devices

Your customers can access your payment form on their mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Credit card payments

With HubSpot and Stripe integration, you can accept major credit cards.

No early termination fee

If you think that the Stripe is not the right platform for you, you can cancel it. Stripe also helps in moving data if you have decided to leave Stripe and use some other platform.

Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden charges. This payment processor is straightforward. Just visit their website and you will get all the payment details.

Customizable API

You can customize the interface to accommodate the unique needs of your business. You do not need to sync with some third party app. You do not need to pay a monthly fee.

Recurring payments

You can offer multiple subscription options. If the customer is changing his service or plan, Stripe recalculates the amount. A customer can also change his information. The information is saved in the system and always available for your use.

High Level of Security

Level 1 certification guarantees that your data is secure. The option of two-factor authentication is also available.

When to use some other platform?

Stripe may not be suitable for you if:

  • You are running a small business
  • You don’t have an on-staff developer
  • You need a virtual terminal


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