Best Guide to Keep Kid’s Safe Online at Friends’ Homes

Guide to Keep Your Child Safe Online at Friends’ Homes

Is there anything more exciting than a sleepover at a friends’ place? No, right? And, it only gets more exciting with the coffee breaks and hunger pangs!

While the kids are having a gala time at sleepovers, parents lose their peace of mind and sleep, of course!  With the easy availability of the internet and growing need to use it for academic purposes, parents fear the inappropriate use of online resources for entertainment. However brutal technology is, it has granted us solutions as well.

Choosing the Parental Control App for Kiosk mode makes modern digital parenting improved and far more comfortable.  Selecting an excellent app to restrict screen time and block apps reduce the chances of online activities leading to catastrophic consequences which both parents and kids are entirely unprepared. But, how? We will read it soon!

Possible ways of protecting children at Friend’s Home


Best Guide to Keep Kid's Safe Online at Friends Homes


Keeping your child safe on the internet is possible when it is your house, but there is no guarantee at someone else’s place. Still, we recommend a few tips that can ensure your child’s safety when working on the internet:

  1. First, get the parents educated

Your child might visit a few friends often for group studies or school projects. Identify the parent and build a rapport.

Children cannot be denied access to the internet when the best source of information is available so quickly.

What can be done is to get the parents on the same page. Discuss screen time and internet rules elsewhere. How long do they allow? What content do they encourage? And internet safety tips.

Exchanging viewpoints also guarantees you are up-to-date with all the latest trends and games in the kid’s world.  So, exchange often and discuss important matters.

  1. Are the ground rules clear?

Your kids are your responsibility whether at a friend’s place or yours. And, so are the rules. Ground rules are fixed and should not be violated in any case.

Simple measures that kids can swallow should be added in the ground rules. For example- often when kids get together, they play tricks on strangers or friends for their amusement. Some kids even indulge in online bullying. Let your kids know -what goes around comes around! So, be careful with the ground rules.


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  1. Ensure Wi-Fi connection is safe

Talking and education do help, but only up to the extent that too with some children. For the more notorious one’s stricter rules and regulations are implemented. One of which is ensuring Wi-Fi safety.

Here are some standard Wi-Fi practices that parents can execute at home:

–    Add Complex Wi-Fi Password

–    Limit access to the password

–    Change the password often

–    Keep a check on the admin details

–    Turn off remote access to your router

–    Enable the Firewall on your network

  1. Fix a schedule (be flexible)

If you have kids over for a night halt, does that mean schedule needs change? Yes, it does. Whether it’s for group projects or sleepover, kids might need the internet for prolonged hours.

We believe, it is fair to bend the rules if it is done for a good cause. However, we do not encourage parents to give plenty of rope to kids. The rules should be changed within an acceptable limit, without compromising sleep and study time.

The time schedule functionality in parental control apps restricts screen time but at the same time allows parents to stretch the timings when required.

  1. Is your parental control software ready?

You may not let your kid’s out without their lunchboxes and medicines, what about parental control apps? Do you allow your kids without the app? If you do, quick modifications are needed.

Kids are safe at the friend’s home but not on the online network (which they can access anywhere). Parental control apps promise digital safety for your kids by blocking unsuitable category apps like dating apps.

Another eye-catching functionality of parental control apps is GPS driven location monitoring systems. Kids can reach you through SOS alerts by instantly tapping the button and sending accurate location to parents.  Geofencing is another way to track your kid, every time the kid enters or leaves a set premise; parents are notified. Isn’t that cool?

So, now you know the parental control apps are as important as food and medicines.

Best Parental Control App for Android Users

Cybercriminals do not come knocking on the door; they enter stealthily without your knowledge. We don’t expect kids to understand cyberspace risks, but parents should. And this calls for strict actions like implementing parental control software for overall digital safety.

Keeping the software running is the best solution for your kids’ online activities. You may question, how is it the best solution?

Well, Bit Guardian Parental control app, not only allows screen time restrictions but also supports kiosk mode and app install block to dodge all unnecessary apps from your kid’s line of sight.

What to do at the next slumber party at home?

Typically, most kids perceive unnecessary nagging and questioning as an interference to their privacy and guess what they are right! Especially, if this happens during slumber parties and group studies, kids get even more annoyed.  But, instead of continuously knocking on the door why not set rigid parental controls. That way kids are bound to take you seriously!

When online activities are not getting controlled by talking and chitchatting, it’s time to change the game plan and use the best parental control app for your kids’ android device and see the magic unfold.


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