Safeguard Ideas For Tween in the Digital Age

Safeguard Your Tween in the Digital Age

Why do you need to secure teens and pre-teens?

Parenting in the digital age is not a piece of cake. It comes with unique and undefined challenges, beyond our imagination. But the real question is – why do parents need to secure teens and pre-teens from technology addiction?

Pre-teens or popularly called “the tweens” are in the age where getting influenced by the digital wave is easy. The excitement to explore and experiment with new options, on digital gadgets, are at a peak. Considering how pre-teens are, tech addiction is not a far reality. This stage may be an exhilarating time for the pre-teens but for parents one of the scariest moments.

Do you want to secure teens and tweens from technology addiction? We can introduce you to the best parental control apps for your child’s long-term digital safety.

Parenting in the age of digital technology

Pre-adolescence comes with a lot of tricky business. While the kids are still searching for unknown answers, the internet flooded with too much information. Considering, how easily they can extract answers from the internet -tweens do not approach parents for any queries – a few clicks here and there and Boom! You have your answer.

In the era, where kids get everything on a silver platter, one can imagine how important technology is. Yet, growing societal expectations and unfair rat race have created an eco-system of insanely technology addicted pre-teens. Although parents make ample of efforts to protect the little one’s children ignore these advise as if they had wax in their ears.

The conflict between parents and tweens is visible and only gets worse with the advancement of technology. Then, how can parents protect their pre-teens?

Five essential measures to safeguard your tweens in the digital age

Don’t be overwhelmed! If your tweens are addicted to digital gadgets and do not want to leave the online world. It may seem like a tough job, but if you can follow some simple rules, your tweens can be saved from the perils of the digital world.

Ways to Safeguard Your Tween in the Digital Age

So, here are five ways to protect your tweens in the digital age:

  1. Be alert and be informed

Do you know about Snapchat and Whisper? Have you heard about cyberbullying incidents? What are cybercrime laws? No idea? Too bad but not too late.

Before working on tweens, parents ought to remain up-to-date. Every detail about tweens and teens lifestyle, apps, games, trending challenges, clothes, etc. should become a parent’s priority. In case you are wondering how? The online world is bursting with information, you name it, and you get it. Similarly, is the case with kid’s choices and preferences, all the information is available online.

  1. Educate the kids

Transparency is the key to a kids’ heart. Educate your kids about the dangers lurking in the online space. Talk openly about the risks and realities, without hiding details. Give them examples and illustrations of what can be the repercussions of dishonest online behavior. Share knowledge regarding technology and computers- servers, internet, data, password protection, anti-virus, etc. can be your prime focus.

It’s time to make your kid’s tech ready instead of tech addicted.


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  1. Acceptable online behavior

 Education means general knowledge and update on everyday incidents but a significant part of education encompasses right online behavior of kids.

Here are some essential guidelines that can be shared with your kids:

–    Sharing of the password is strictly a NO NO!

–    As much as possible, avoid logging in from multiple devices and if you do, make sure to log out.

–    Avoid using abusive and rude language on online chat rooms and social media platforms.

–    Stay away from online strangers. Strangers are as dangerous online as they are offline.

–    Avoid uploading and sharing controversial contents

–    Click a link only when you are confident, avoid otherwise.

–    When in doubt seek elder’s consent.

These simple online actions make your kids responsible and conscience. If they follow the above rules, it will be reciprocated to them as well.

  1. Use rewards and warnings

Give kids chocolate and see what they do in return! It is popular psychology that kids understand the language of incentives and warnings. It is easier to manage kids by employing conditions. So, set a condition at home for screen time and promise an incentive on its completion. Watch how diligently your kids work to achieve it.  As parents, keep the promise to let your kids know that the rules are essential.

Same way, if you observe your kid spending unnecessary time on gaming apps. Warn your kids and elaborate the house rules. If they continue the behavior, then make sure to punish them appropriately.

  1. Set strict limits – Parental control app for time schedule

The guidelines mentioned above may not be entirely in your control. But one thing is-parental control app for time schedule. Set curfew hours during study and bedtime and cut down your kid’s screen addiction.

Best Parental Control app

While there are many parental control apps in the market, we recommend investing in a straightforward and easy to understand app that provides all the core offerings. Pre-adolescence or adolescence, both can be dealt with by the app.

The popular play store app- Bit Guardian parental control is a simple yet advanced app that comes with attributes like limit screen time, block apps, block app downloading, track kids, phone security, parental control launcher, etc.

Parental control apps are the answer to modern parenting in the age of digital technology. Secure teens by leveraging the benefits of the best parental control app in the market.


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