How To Give Your Kids More Live Play And Less Screen Time

Kids More Live Play And Less Screen Time

Everywhere you look today, people are staring at electronics, including children. 

If you are struggling to find activities for your kids this summer and reduce screen time, consider building forts. Kids love to build forts. A fort can be built out of almost anything in your house and can be great fun for hours. 

Unless you enjoy your living room furniture being taken apart and used to build forts along with all of the blankets in the house, consider purchasing some Minecraft toys. Minecraft has kits available to build forts in a variety of sizes, so for serious fort builders, more than one kit can be put together to make larger forts. 

The Dirt House

The Dirt House is just right for little builders and takes only 30-60 minutes for one kit and up to 2-3 hours to complete the three-kit package. A basic set for beginners, these kits are rated for ages 8+,  with one that can be easily assembled, making for about a 6’ x 6’ fort just right for the living room or bedroom. Need a little more room in the basic Dirt House? Adding additional kits results in larger forts, with two kits producing an 8’x10” fort and three kits a whopping 10’x12’ good for multiple kids. 


Construct tunnels with Minecraft toys to enjoy crawling through designed for kids 8+. Assembles in 30-60 minutes for smaller models and 1-2  hours for larger tunnels, but provides hours of imaginative fun. Of course, ordering more than one kit makes for bigger adventures and longer tunnels in your maze. One kit provides a 4’x6′ play area, two kits 8’x8’, and three kits a treacherous 8’x12’. 


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The Cave

Build a cave of your very own with Minecraft toys. Danger slinks in every corner of your imagination while exploring the depths of this fun set. Using the formula of one, two, or three explorer kits you can customize the experience with different size caves. From 6’x6’ rated for younger users at 8+, all the way up to a 10’x12’ rate for 10+ years old, you can build as big as your floor space allows.  

First Night House

Construct and spend the night in your First Night House that you built yourself. One kit provides a 4’x6’ play area and takes 30-60 minutes to assemble for 8+. Expand your house with another kit to make a 4’x10′ area and take along a friend. For even more space, 8-12-year-olds can put together a 10’x14’ space to bring friends and a family pet making for plenty of play space. The larger kits require 2-3 hours to put together, keeping everyone entertained. 

Screen Free Entertainment

Forts are great for inclement weather when going outside to play just isn’t possible, nighttime sleepovers, or anytime your kids need a break from electronic screen time. Creative play with Minecraft toys brings digital entertainment to life in your own home. By using imagination and building skills, your children are learning in a fun and interactive way that provides hours of entertainment. 

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