Top 10 Kids Friendly, Educational Gaming Apps

Top 10 Kids Friendly, Educational Gaming Apps

Find here the list of best Kids Friendly, Educational Gaming Apps

The education industry of today is starkly different from that of a few years ago. Parents and teachers alike will agree that the teaching methods have undergone an immense revolution.

For instance, while previously, games were seen as a distraction and a leisure activity, now, instructors incorporate them into the curriculum. Considering how pivotal technology has become in the lives of both children and adults, this surely is an excellent move to keep children engaged with their studies.

According to the Center of Media and Child Health, over 66 percent of tweens play games for an average of 2 hours a day. And as per a survey conducted by Online College Sources, 70 percent of instructors observed improved engagement after using educational gaming apps.

Whether you are a concerned parent or a teacher, here are some of the top kids-friendly educational gaming apps that might make a difference in the academic performance of a child.

1: Big Barn World

Farming games provide the perfect backdrop to teach children one of the most important soft skills – cooperation. This airG scam free app is one such social farming game that allows players to grow and take care of different crops and then sell them off to earn a profit.

Whether it be learning the basics of profit and revenue or understanding how to cut a deal with other players and team members for mutual benefit, players learn both soft and hard skills through the app.

2: Duolingo

There are various benefits of learning foreign languages. In fact, various research has illustrated that learning multiple languages can help boost problem solving, critical thinking and memory! However, learning a new language is quite complicated.

This is where the educational app Duolingo comes in. The app makes learning a new language a piece of cake via its easy-to-follow-through lectures and exercises that it almost feels like a game. You can use it to master a wide variety of languages, including Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

3: ABCmouse

ABMmouse is both a website as well as an app. It is made for children between the ages of 2 to 8 years. The app makes use of quizzes, storyline-based learning videos and different interactive activities to teach children a variety of topics and skills in a very game-like manner.

While the app comes with a monthly subscription, parents can first gauge its effectiveness by signing up for its one-month free trial. Generally, the app has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews by both children and parents.


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4: YouTube Kids

According to Pew Research, 81 percent of parents surveyed regarding the popularity of YouTube responded that they let their children (aged 11 years or less) watch videos on YouTube.

To ensure that the video streaming experience is kid-friendly, YouTube offers a platform solely for kids, namely YouTube kids. This version of YouTube offers a wide variety of entertainment as well as educational content aimed to enhance young minds.

Whether it be watching their favorite cartoons or educational videos, YouTube Kids is a free to use app that offers excellent video-based content for children.

5: Science360

Did you know that scientific literacy is directly correlated to a country’s economic prosperity? It is imperative to introduce children to the world of science from early on. However, because of the complex nature of the subject, many children find it hard to like it.

One app which can help in warming up to science in an easy game-like way is Science360. This app has been developed by the National Science Foundation. It gathers authentic content from scientists as well as universities from around the world.

The only flaw is that the app only works for tablet users. Therefore, if you rely on a laptop or phone, you will have to skip this one.

6: Quick Math Jr.

Let’s face it – most of us abhorred mathematics as kids! If only we had a fun way to learn it all. Well, the children of today do. One app that transforms boring numbers into an interactive game is Quick Math Jr.

This app is developed for children between the ages of 4 and 8 years. There are 12 games included in the app, each of which helps develop a basic math skill. It makes use of buildable characters and graphics to keep children entertained through it all. Not to mention that answers must be drawn on the screen, which means that children get to practice their handwriting skills on the go as well!


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7: Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week

Another excellent educational gaming app that revolves around providing video content to children is Brainpop. The app is home to a plethora of in-depth and easy to comprehend educational videos. The videos cover a variety of topics ranging from general knowledge to subject-based information.

To gauge whether children retain what they have seen, the app features short quizzes on each video seen. While some basic content is free to access, to view the full library, you must subscribe to the premium version of the app.

8: My Molecularium

Who knew there was a way to make chemistry seem understandable? It turns out there are educational apps that can make the complicated subject a tad easier. One such app is My Molecularium.

Targeted at high school students, this game helps clarify concepts like chemical formulas, molecular structures and skeletal information.

9: Swift Playgrounds

If you have the right set of resources and tools, it turns out that you can start learning coding from an early age as well! Swift Playground is one such tool you can leverage. This app is made for older kids as well as adults who wish to be introduced to the world of coding in a less daunting environment.

The app uses targeted lessons, visuals and puzzles to teach players the art of basic coding. While you can access the app on various platforms, it works best when accessed on an iPad.

10: PBS Kids Games

It is common to find children engaged in games featuring characters they like. This is the behavior that PBS Kids Games leverages. As the name suggests, the app features characters from different PBS episodes.

The app uses these familiar faces to teach children a variety of subjects, ranging from reading to math. It does so via using videos and quizzes.

Ending Remarks

Introduce your child to the right set of educational games and apps and see the difference it makes in their ability to retain and understand concepts. Once you do, do let us know which of the ten games best helped your child


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