9 Landing Page Design Tips For Improved Conversion Rate

9 Landing Page Design Tips For Improved Conversion Rate

Landing pages are an integral part of the marketing strategy and enterprises must create one for all of their promotional campaigns. Some useful landing page design tips are being presented here which will be helpful in the creation of attractive pages that also communicate the intended message. For instance, a Canadian sports goods manufacturer engages a web development firm in Vancouver for making a landing page for its ice hockey equipment business. The agency tried to identify the audience that the business was trying to target before starting the project. It then employed some effective tactics to create a page that drove up the conversion rate of the client’s website.

Let’s take a look at the tips used by the firm to make the landing page.

1. Choose A Simple Layout

In order to keep the focus of the visitors on the message of the page, a simple and clean layout must be used in its design. Plenty of white space is left so that the product image, logo, and the call to action appear prominent. Large typographical elements must be used so that visitors do not miss the message of the page. The layout must be checked on all types of screens to ensure that the heading and the call to action are visible to people without scrolling.

2. Use Subtle Language In The Text

The content of the page needs to be brief and subtle rather than being long and promotional. Include the biggest benefit of the product in the heading of the page. Use the subheadings to briefly explain the offer accompanying the advantage. Place a call to action below the subheading and make sure that the message in the CTA is consistent with the heading. Remember that the tone does not need to be overtly promotional so that visitors trust the message.

3. Include Attractive Visual Elements

A landing page needs to have significant visual appeal for it to be able to engage viewers. The web development agency hired by the Canadian sports goods entrepreneur was ranked among the best graphic design companies in Vancouver. It asked its designers to choose images for the page which was in synchronization with the objective of attracting ice hockey equipment buyers. The professionals selected a picture which showcased the client’s products and placed it in the background. This subtly conveyed the branding message to the target audience.

4. Provide Statistics To Compel Visitors

Statistics is an effective tool for influencing visitors and prompting them to take the desired action. The Vancouver-based web design firm used the figures of actual consumer surveys in the landing page. It included numbers related to basketball and soccer equipment users in the content. This helped in creating the image of a brand as an experienced operator in its domain.

5. Conduct A/B Testing

One of the most helpful landing page design tips is to use A/B testing for different page components. Creating two versions of the page with different headings, images, buttons, CTAs, navigation links etc. and then studying their analytics reports will help in assessing which one of them is more effective. This is a useful tactic for fine-tuning the landing page strategy.

6. Use Contrasting Shades In The Color Scheme

A landing page must instantly captivate users which makes the visual aspect of design very important. In order to draw the attention of people towards the CTA, designers must use contrasting shades in the color scheme. This will help in highlighting the important page element as soon as the page is fully loaded.

7. Place Trust Signals On The Page

Trust signals must be placed on the page to project the reliability of the brand. Client testimonials and social proof help in providing an endorsement for the product/ service from unrelated entities. This is valuable in encouraging visitors to emulate the actions of others and subscribe to the service. Genuine trust signals play a vital role in improving the conversion rate.

8. Educate Visitors About Products Or Services

Using the landing page to educate potential customers about how a product or service can solve a particular problem is a good strategy. Including a demonstration of a product will convey its utility which will encourage visitors to purchase it. This tactic can be much more effective than stating the benefits of the item in promotional language.

9. Insert Social Sharing Buttons On The Page

Business owners must maximize the potential of their landing pages by including social sharing buttons. They must first identify the social networks popular among their target audience and then place the buttons on the page. This will enable users to share the page with their followers and give extra promotion to the brand. An e-mail forwarding option must also be inserted on the page to give a facility to people looking to share the content through email.


These landing page design tips will be helpful in creating unique pages that will instantly grab visitors’ attention and show the product or service in a positive light.


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