How to Look Gorgeous in Swimwear if You Have a Plus-size Body

The most important consideration when choosing plus size swimwear should be the support that is built into it. Swimwear must have a built-in bra which can offer optimum support rather than a shelf bra. The majority of shops and boutiques have bathing suits in plus sizes that have the form of support needed. Swimwear can be made with two layers utilizing an outer and inner layer, while some suits come with underwire for better support.

Triangle Shape or a pear-shaped body 

If you are plus size with a triangle shape, you will need to choose a plus size swimwear style that draws the eye upwards. Emphasize your upper body by wearing pieces that are brightly colored and have busy designs at the top. Balance this by choosing darker solid colors for your bottom. Go for swimwear with tops that enhance your good features. For example, halter top designs emphasize nice shoulders.

Inverted triangle or Apple shape

If you have an apple-shaped body, you will have wide shoulders, a large chest, and stomach. Apply the opposite rule for pear-shapes by drawing the eye downwards. You can achieve this goal by choosing flowing designs and styles. Wear suits and color prints to give the illusion of a trim tummy and draw the attention downward. You may also choose plus size designs with wide straps and full-on bust support with an underwire bra. Styles that are shirred help focus on a narrow waist, whereas V-necks flatter the chest. Great styles for this body type are V necks and full prints.

Hourglass Shape

Even if you are a plus size having an hourglass shape makes you one of the lucky ones. An hourglass body will have a large chest and hips and a small waist. But if you are plus size, you may have some problem areas. Go for swimwear that focuses on your best features while at the same time concealing flawed areas. For example, if your waist is slim, try enhancing this area. Choose swimsuits with belts or colors and prints on the waist area.

Round Shape

Round shaped women have full shoulders and hips and a round waist. If you are not too concerned about having a slim look, your main goal is to find pieces that can create a slimmer illusion at the waist area. Go for shirred styles or surplice styles with big patterns and colors on the top. Choose dark solid colors on the bottom. Halters with plunging neckline designs are especially flattering and also swimwear with a belt and cute design features. Vertical prints also create a leaner look. Baby doll and blouson styles are also flattering for women with a thick tummy. 

Rectangle Shape

Plus size women with this shape will have straight proportions. You have a body that is equal from shoulders to hips. You will want swimwear that creates a waistline. Swimwear with belted waist are great in achieving this with diagonal stripes. Halters also do a good job of drawing the eye to nice-looking shoulders while plunging necklines work excellently at drawing attention to a full bust. 


Level up your confidence at the beach even if you have a plus-size body by choosing flattering swimwear that makes your body type appealing. Different styles, designs, and cuts can help you create an illusion by downplaying your problem areas and emphasizing your assets. Hit the beach in style and strut like a true diva.


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