Lovely Beach-Style Ideas for Custom Hampton Design Homes

Lovely Beach-Style Ideas for Custom Hampton Design Homes

Hampton is a beach-side suburb situated 15 kilometres south of Melbourne. Situated near the shoreline, it lets both locals and visitors bask in the sun in any part of its wide stretch of sandy beach. Aside from swimming, people can dine in at its restaurants or bistros or find the perfect outfit at a selection of boutiques along the retail shopping precinct at Crisp Street.

This lively and inviting paradise attracts a lot of tourists. That is why many people invest in properties in the area. However, if you’re someone who wants to have a personalised home built on this affluent suburb, then you need to find a professional builder of Hampton design homes builder to help you out.

Ideas for Your Hampton Home

Going to the beach is a perfect escape from the chaos the city environment brings. But, what’s even better is having your own beach house to cave in whenever you feel restless. Waking up to the waves of the beach and watching the panoramic coastal views are totally worth it. Here are some interior design ideas you can work out with new home builders for your Hampton home:

Furnish the house with beach-theme décor

Invest in pieces of furniture made of rattan, sisal, or seagrass. These materials are guaranteed to send off a beachy vibe for your home. You can incorporate bamboo bar stools for the kitchen or a bed with seagrass inserts into your custom design homes plan. To achieve a more beach-style effect, you can install a classic wicker hanging basket chair in the living room.

Focus on the blue shade

The staple beach theme colour is blue. Play around the shades seafoam, turquoise, navy, and light blue for the perfect beach vibe. Indigo, which is a bit richer and more saturated than navy blue, can also give your home a modern coastal look. Indigo tones complement black, white, and wood tones well.

 If you’re not into blues, new home builders suggest shades of sand, such as ivory, beige, cream, and soft pink. You can also focus on wood tones or opt for furniture with tropical prints.

Don’t be afraid to use driftwood

Open your eyes to the beauty of nature, and you’ll find raw pieces that can be transformed into beautiful home ornaments. Driftwood is one of the best examples, which you can find washed onto Hampton’s shores or beaches. Now, instead of leaving them with no purpose, you can work with furniture makers and sculptors to transform these pieces of wood into artistic creations. As you will seen on the layouts of many Hampton design homes, driftwood can be used as a base for a console, dining, or coffee table. Small pieces can even be hung on the walls or over a mantel to radiate a coastal ambience.

Find Professional Hampton Home Builders

Looking for new home builders that can help you with designing your Hampton home? McCarthy Homes is here to help. They carry over 20 years of experience fulfilling the dreams of aspiring homeowners in Australia. Combine your ideas with their team’s breezy design suggestions, and you’re sure to get the house you’ve always desired. Schedule a consultation at today!


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