How to Make Newborn Baby Clothes More Comfortable

How to Make Newborn Baby Clothes More Comfortable

The newborn stage may be exhausting at first, but there are numerous ways you can make your parenting journey better. The best starting point is ensuring your baby girl, or baby boy clothes are comfortable. A comfortably clothed baby sleeps better, saving many sleepless nights or long hours of soothing an irritable baby. Babies’ skins are highly sensitive because their skin barrier is yet to develop. It is crucial to dress them in clean, soft clothes that are free from harmful germs and bacteria. Read on to understand how to make baby clothes more comfortable.

Carefully Examine Seams and Labels

Purchase clothes without labels or have all of them removed. Most clothes have labels and seams which can rub roughly against your baby’s sensitive skin resulting in irritation. Besides, check the seams to ensure they feel smooth against the skin.

Only Purchase Soft Fabrics

If your baby always seems uncomfortable after you dress them, you should check their clothes’ fabrics. Always go for soft fabrics because they are gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. Cotton is the best fabric for newborn baby clothes, while nylon, polyester, wool and rayon can cause serious discomfort and irritation.

Wash New Baby Clothes Before Wear

If your baby has initial skin irritation, new clothes may have some chemicals that may worsen the condition. Ensure you thoroughly clean new clothes with the recommended baby detergent and fabric softener before your baby wears them. Besides, purchase baby clothes that withstand frequent washing and high temperatures in washers or dryers.

Know Your Baby’s Size

It is common for parents to purchase newborn clothes that are too big or too small. Tight clothing will irritate your baby’s sensitive skin, making them uncomfortable and fussy. If you do not know the size of your baby’s clothes, consult a size chart for kids or ask the shop attendants. A newborn baby’s clothes should be loose against the skin but not oversized. If you buy clothes for a future occasion or season, you can buy a bigger size.

Consider the Season

It is unwise to dress your baby in winter clothes during summer or summer clothes in winter. In winter, bring out the sleeping sacks, socks, onesies and bodysuits to ensure your baby does not get discomfort from being too cold.


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Always Have Functionality in Mind

Newborn babies are always sleeping, and it is crucial to ensure their wardrobe contains comfortable baby girl or baby boy clothes. Buy clothes that have simple designs, can be washed easily and frequently and last long without fading. Babies require constant change of clothes during the day and night, so ensure you purchase clothes that are easy to wear and remove.

Consider Safety and Hygiene When Storing Newborn Baby Clothes

After your baby’s clothes are clean and dry, store them safely in a hygienic environment to avoid contact with harmful germs. Germs and dirt can cause skin irritation and infections, making your baby uncomfortable in their clothes. Clean cotton bags are the best storage option, but you can also fold the clothes neatly and place them in clean wardrobes or dressers.


When dressing your newborn baby, always choose baby girl or baby boy clothes that prioritise comfort, convenience and safety. A comfortable and calm baby will make the newborn stage a bearable and happy season you will always cherish. 


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