4 Contemporary Mangalsutra Designs for Today’s Modern Brides

4 Contemporary Mangalsutra Designs for Today's Modern Brides

A mangalsutra has a great significance in Hindu culture. It plays a vital role in commencing a marriage. Even after the wedding, brides are supposed to wear it as a symbol of commitment. An authentic mangalsutra must have black beads on a gold chain along with a pendant. With the changing trends and diverse cultures across the country, hundreds of mangalsutra designs are available in the market today. Usually, all of them have black beads and a base of gold chain in common. 

The latest trend that every modern 21st-century bride must adopt is of minimalistic mangalsutras that are not as heavy as traditional ones used to be. 

Also, a great wedding gift or a wedding anniversary gift, these chic mangalsutras today are all the rage amongst the newlyweds. So, board the trend wagon and get yourself or your beloved a contemporary mangalsutra that can blend in with her wardrobe effortlessly. 

If you are wondering where to find such mangalsutras, then fret not! We have got you covered. Here are four mangalsutra designs that are a must-have for modern wives in India: 

Less Is More

A great way to accessorize this design with the utmost delicacy is an excellent choice for brides who believe in simplicity. Go ahead, and add this minimalistic mangalsutra design to your wardrobe, as it is sure to win everyone’s heart and keep it subtle at the same time. A perfect accessory, this mangalsutra is every modern bride’s favourite necklace because of its elegant finish that exhibits nothing but sheer class.

The Mangalsutra Charm

Did you know that mangalsutras are known to protect your marriage from evil and negative energies? They are not only a symbol of marriage but also a charm that guards your special bond with your spouse. This elegant and powerful mangalsutra from Mia by Tanishq has an evil eye carved out in gold, making it an even more special.

Universally flattering, you can pair it with Western as well as Indian traditional outfits and look your best self with minimum effort. Also, a great way to accessorize, this mangalsutra will make you stand out from the crowd instantly.

Keep it Classy

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of tradition and style, this urbane mangalsutra is crafted especially for you.

A delicate yet classy piece of accessory, this mangalsutra is one of the designs that can add more glamour to all your outfits with its sophisticated and subtle finish. Style it with a Banarsi Silk Saree and pure gold bangles to be the centre of attention at every gathering.

The Uber Stylish

With a trendy design, this unique, other worldly mangalsutra is a true showstopper for modern Indian brides. Enigmatic and gorgeous, it has the qualities to enhance your traditional outfits in a way no other accessory can. So, take your dress to a whole new level of fabulous with this distinctive mangalsutra. 

Don’t wait and shop this beautiful mangalsutra to notch up your style and make an impression wherever you go! 

Making Traditions Trendy

With stylish, contemporary mangalsutras, you can not only be true to your traditions but also today’s trends. Thus, to find the perfect balance, shop the newest designs in wedding jewellery.

Make sure to choose a reliable brand that promises to offer premium quality products at genuine prices. One such brand that you can explore is Mia by Tanishq. They have a wide array of authentic yet designer jewellery to suit the fashion needs of today’s women who settle for nothing less than the best! 


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