4 Luxurious Scottsdale Patio Homes in Arizona

4 Luxurious Scottsdale Patio Homes in Arizona

If you are considering moving to Scottsdale, find Scottsdale patio homes with enough outdoor space to enjoy during the summer months! Not to mention, the winter in Arizona is beautiful as well – you can have 70-degree days that are filled with sunshine. Unlike other places in the country, which have low levels of sunlight and get dark at 4pm, ensure that you will be able to take full advantage of the patio on your luxurious home in this sunny weather community. 

But what are some examples of luxury patio homes that you should look for? Should you look for homes that contain a patio, deck, and balcony, or homes that contain a balcony and a pool? There are various options to choose from before you move to Scottsdale, Arizona that could be a good choice for you and your family. 

Are you moving with your children? Find a house with yard space where they can run around! Are you moving to Scottsdale as an older retired couple? Then consider looking for a patio home that has safety features and outdoor amenities for you to take advantage of, such as walking trails, hiking areas, and community activities. 

Let’s see a few examples of luxurious Scottsdale patio homes that are ideal for your next move to Arizona. 

Medlock Drive

One of the best luxurious Scottsdale patio homes that you can consider or your next move is the house on Medlock Drive. Complete with plenty of outdoor space and located right in Old Town Scottsdale, this $600,000 home is ideal for those who want a prime location

Vista Drive 

The second option to consider when moving to Arizona is the house on Vista Drive in Scottsdale, Arizona. Consider choosing one of the luxury patio homes here, like this one that contains two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and over 1,500 square feet! You enjoy backyard space with a wall for extra privacy, modern and sleek interior bathrooms, his and her sinks, marble showers, and a completely re-done and outfitted kitchen! 

Grayhawk Drive 

The next option to consider when browsing luxurious Scottsdale patio homes for sale is the house on Grayhawk Drive. This Scottsdale house contains letn of outdoor space, with a covered patio, outdoor patio that is uncovered to enjoy the sunny months, and an extremely modern and sleek house. You can enjoy the gray-tiled bathrooms with modern amenities, wood flooring in the bedroom, massive windows, big shower, and over 1,800 square feet! With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this house is going for just under $980,000. 

Coolidge Street 

The last but not least option to consider when browsing luxurious homes in Scottsdale, Arizona Is the house on Coolidge Street. Complete with a charming and authentic vibe, you can enjoy this two bedroom one bathroom house that contains just over $450,000. 

Get Ready to Make the Move to Scottsdale

Are you thinking about moving to Scottsdale? Browse these luxurious patio homes for sale in Scottsdale that will be the perfect place to relocate yourself and your family. 


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