4 Style Mistake Every Woman Should Avoid on the First Date

Are you looking forward to having your first date this weekend? You have to consider a lot of things before taking the first step out of the door on this day, especially if you want to freeze and shine for your date.

Most women get it wrong when it comes to dressing for the first date. For instance, you may not decide on the best Luna necklace that matches your dress. This article prepares you for your first date by highlighting some mistakes you want to avoid on this special day.

1. Dressing for the Wrong Occasion 

On your first date, you want everything to fit the mood. Your type of date and the location should determine the type of dress code you opt for. Most women prefer wearing their best LBD on a first time date, but that is never a good idea if you are not going to be comfortable on it. 

You should not look out of place on your first dress, which means you should choose your style wisely. Dress for the occasion. You should make it simple, easy-going, and comfortable for your date.

2. Not Wearing for Comfort 

The first secret to having a successful date is dressing comfortably. You should put on a dress that makes you look comfortable and approachable. When you are at ease on your first date, it is easier for a man to start a conversation with you. 

Putting on a dress code that makes you look expensive to maintain puts most men off the hook. To make it simple and classy, you can just put on a cowl neck sweater or some calm and sexy dress. Most men are comfortable on a first date if you dress simple and attractive.

3. Too Much Makeup 

Yes, you should spend some time in the mirror working on your face to look presentable on the first date. However, that doesn’t mean you should overdo it. Applying too much makeup on your face can ‘destroy’ your natural beauty. 

What you are wearing should not detract from what you are saying on your first date. For example, you should not put on too much lipstick that decorates the glasses on the dinner table. Most men will spend much time looking at your face on the first date. That means you should not let your face be distracting.

4. Know what to Show Off

On your first date, you should beware of your selling point. It could be your killer arms, neck, eyes, or feet. For instance, if you have some amazing arms, you should wear a strapless maxi dress to show off your arms. Having that body confidence is one way of standing out on your first date.

Final Thoughts 

When going for a first date, you should ensure you put on the right dress and makeup. You probably don’t know much about the man you are about to meet on this day. Therefore, you should not overdo your makeup and dress to ensure you remain comfortable and approachable… Take time to find a fair dress style that makes you comfortable, simple, and outstanding.


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