7 Various Occasions to Wish “Congratulations” to your Loved ones

Various Occasions to Wish “Congratulations” to your Loved ones

Every little success in life deserves appreciation and celebration. If we appreciate our dear ones on their achievement they would be more motivated and encouraged to do better. It is not only new job or graduation that desires our congratulations wishes. Beyond this there are life events like welcoming of a new baby, getting married or even an anniversary requires our congratulations messages and blessings. Also it means we are happy for them and with them for this decision.

Thus here we are with a list of some 7 occasions and major life events you can wish your friends and family “Congratulations”.


Anniversaries are one of the most important events of everyone’s life. It is the proof that a couple is working on their relationship and achieving milestones of their togetherness every year. So it is really crucial to wish your loved ones Congratulations on their Anniversary. This would actually mean Congratulations for holding on this crazy person for one more year. When talking about Anniversary you can congratulate them with a Champagne bottle to make their night better. Flower Bouquets are most evergreen gifts so they are also advisable to greet your favourite couple with it.  There are so many quirky Anniversary cards also available online so that is also an option.

Get New Job

Your friend got a new job, you are so happy for him. How will you describe your happiness? Wishing Congratulations is the way of telling them how happy you are for him and you wish a lot many successes for him in his life ahead. Our friend was in search of job all this while and he is finally getting one, so it is really special. As he is getting a new job, you can congratulate him with Stationery, office formals and many other gifts. If your dear one is getting a new job along with congratulating you have to wish them Best of luck for their future accomplishments. If he is male you can congratulate with a messenger bag and for females you can gift some stylish office accessories.

New Baby Arrival

This is the happiest life event of anyone’s life. The couple blessed with baby couldn’t content themselves of happiness and we are sure you would not be less happy. So welcome the baby in the best possible way and congratulate his parents with so many blessings and also shower gifts upon the baby. You can send the couple flowers, clothes and toys for the baby in a way to wish them congratulations. You can send flowers online if the couple is residing miles away from your place and convey congratulations wishes.


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Get Promotion

It is very important to wish your dear ones congratulations after they get a promotion. Because everyone of knew how hard they were working for this opportunity and they finally did it. And finally all those late nights and early mornings finally pays off, I know you will be the happiest for their success. So a heartfelt handwritten note wishing them congratulations would mean a lot to them. You can also gift the Boss some swagger things like a business card holder, boss message sipper or mug, work hard bracelet, a job card or a huge congrats banner to convey your congratulations and good luck.

Welcome into New Home

People dream of their own house and hardly some accomplish this dream. If your loved ones are one amongst them it calls for a celebration. You can host a party on behalf of them, as a way of saying Congratulations. This would be a very sweet gesture and your friend would be overwhelmed. You can also gift them house appliances or house decor things for their new house. Here to you can send congratulations flowers online because these fresh flowers radiate positivity and good energy in a new house.

Start New Life – Wedding

Wedding is the most pious function in everyone’s lives; this is the start of new journey. Life changes after getting married, one has to transform to lead this new life. So you have to congratulate your near and dear ones congratulation wishes for happy and healthy future. Red Roses are the most romantic flowers so to ignite the romance in the couple you can convey your congratulatory wishes with these red blooms. You can shower your love, blessings and excitement with some lucky charms and couple show pieces too which helps the couples get through every obstacle in life.


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Passing New Exam

To have good life, you have to do well in your college years. So getting through important exams in life deserves huge congratulations from friends and relatives. These warm wishes from their loved ones will pump up their aspirations and lead to successful life ahead. They have strived hard for this so you can treat them some exciting gifts.

Our Congratulations messages and wishes convey our love and luck to them for their future. Thus, there are many ways of saying congratulations to your loved ones which depends on the occasion you are wishing them for.


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