Moccasins Can Boost Your Personality And Make You Look Elegant

Moccasins Can Boost Your Personality And Make You Look Elegant

There is a common belief that a man can be judged by his shoes, and this is particularly true in the present day scenario. In the past, the only option for male shoes was confined to black shoes, and it was easier to select among the available shoes. However, the shoe designers had woken up to make brilliant designs of shoes and innovative ideas have been roped in for making excellent shoes. One such type of superior quality of shoes is mens moccasins that can set you apart from others easily.

History of moccasin shoe:

The word “moccasin” is believed to have originated in early 1600, and it is originated from the Native American language. The construction of moccasin originated in North America for the hunters who needed protection for their feet against cold as well as rough surfaces. It was best to make shoes from soft kind of leather which could give comfort to the feet as well as protect it.

Moccasin shoes were mostly made out of deer hide, and it was used widely by the Native Americans, the settlers and the traders. Moccasin shoes are decidedly softer and do not make any noise when it is worn, with excellent traction that doesn’t allow a person to slip. The enduring feature that the present day moccasin has is that it comes with a bag type feature that gives excellent comfort.

When moccasin shoes were made for the first time, the tribes used to paint on the shoes depending on their daily activities. Shells and beads were the most common form of designs that were made on the shoes. Tribes loved to wear this shoe, and the coloration of the shoes distinguished those who used to wear these shoes.

How the moccasins are made and how it looks?

While making the moccasin shoe, the unique thing remains in the seam that connects the apron and the body. The apron is the leather piece that will cover the top of the foot, and the body is the leather bag that will wrap around the sole and the side of the foot. It will also determine the shape of the moccasin and depending on the need of the user, a full fitting moccasin or a narrow fit moccasin can be made.

Moccasins remain one of the earliest types of footwear that have evolved through the ages and are still very popular. Moccasins are available in two main categories of soles which are a hard type of sole and soft kind of sole. Hard-sole moccasins usually are made up three pieces or four pieces of leather, and a cute shoe is made from it. Hard sole variety of shoes could protect the feet quite well even when walking over the rough terrain.

The soft-soled type of shoes was on the contrary made from one piece of leather only, and it could cover the feet quickly. The choice of moccasins depends on the particular need of people that again depend on the travelling habit. It is the reason why the plains Indians were fond of using hard-soled moccasins as they had to walk over the rock covered land.

On the other hand, the eastern Indian tribes were inclined to use soft-soled moccasin as they had to travel through vast forests having a lot of leaf and grass. Moccasins for children, men, and women had served a great purpose of keeping warm and healthy feet and also adequately protecting the feet from stones, dirt, and bramble.  The appearance of shoes that were worn by the tribes was different from one tribe to another.

What makes moccasin so popular?

There are a wide variety of mens moccasins available to choose for men that can be selected based on functionality or pure aesthetics or a combination of both. Excellent quality of moccasins is always made up of high-quality leather chosen for the upper material.  Since leather is a breathable type of stuff, it can maintain the temperature very well that will keep the feet comfortable.

With the bag like construction, the sole remains in contact with leather upper that makes the shoes more flexible also. The popularity of moccasins is reflected by the fact that it is widely popular among the children, the young and the aged people equally.  Moccasins are semi-formal type shoes, and it can best combine with formal trousers or chinos. Moccasins can also easily replace the conventional black shoes, and for an evening dinner party, the choice of moccasin can be a smart one.

Conclusion: Moccasin has got a rich history, and it is in use for a long time in different parts of the world. Moccasin comes with a hard heel or soft wheel, and the end user governs the choice for this. There are excellent designs available that can make the soft moccasins made from high-quality leather the right choice for an evening party.


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