Top 10 Evidence-Based Health And Nutrition Tips

10 Health and Nutrition Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

No one just goes on practicing health or nutrition advice just by listening or reading any stuff. People always look for evidence-based tips and advice on any matter. Health and nutrition is the most important part of any human life. Great and useful often come from people who have practiced those tips and bits of advice on themselves first.

We have collected some good piece of advice and tips from healthy personal chef mention below:

Proper Sleep

A human body functions properly only if it gets an appropriate amount of sleep. Good sleep keeps the body fit and active. For a healthy mind as well as the body, doctors even suggest proper sleep. The study has found that 89% who are sleep-deprived face obesity.

Many times it is seen that improper sleep may lead to stress, depression, appetite related problem and much more hormonal disturbance in a human body.

Surplus Amount of Water

Drinking a good amount of water is essential or our body. Water helps the body to increase metabolism in the body. Facts say that the human body is made 60 % of water. Ans also, the blood is a composite that is made 90% of water and 10% other nutrients and hormones.

Surplus amount of water in the body does not let the body dehydrate. Apart from all the nutrition that the water gives, water also helps the skin to glow and is very good for healthy and juvenile skin.

Green Leafy Vegetable and Fruits Are Must

Adding any fruit to your diet helps to develop more immunity towards any disease. The vegetable has a high amount of protein and fiber, and also low calorie which helps the body in not gaining extra weight and maintain a healthy body.

The green leafy vegetables and fruits also help the body to fight various diseases. They resist the body from various types of cancers and also reduce risk towards any heart-related disease.


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Adding Dry-fruits and Nuts to The Diet

There are different types of dry-fruits and nuts available in the market that are highly nutritious. Some of the dry fruits and nuts are Cashews, Pistachios, Dates, Walnuts, Almonds and a lot more. Different types of minerals found in them are magnesium, calcium, etc.
They prevent a lot of cardiovascular disease in the human body. Some dry-fruits prevent diabetes, and some provide the body with natural sugar.

Avoid Junk Foods

Junks foods are preserved under many chemicals. Also, junk foods are processed items. Avoiding junk food as much as one can is the best way to keep the body and the mind healthy. They contain added sugar and many unhealthy items that should be avoided.

Avoiding junk food is a good way to increase your lifetime for about 7-8 years. They contain high-calorie stuff that let the human body put on some extra fat.

Dieting Rarely Works

Often people on gaining some extra weight go on a diet. One should always focus on increasing metabolism and decreasing the amount of calorie intake in their body.

Proper intake of healthy food at regular interval may help keep the body fit and healthy. Doctors say that having light food at an interval of 2 hours or so helps the body to be active and healthy.

Proper Intake of Protein

Proteins are a much-needed element that the body needs. Hairs, nails, tissues and many another part of the body are made up only of protein. These part once is broken or damaged needs a lot of protein to regain their original texture. Consuming a lot of protein is very helpful for the damaged tissue repairment of the body.

Protein helps the body to manage all kind of appetite-related problem. One of all, proteins are very good for the bones, muscles and their strength.

Exercise is a Must Do

Exercise is a must do activity for the body. A 10-minute walk is also very much necessary for keeping the body fit and active. Cardiovascular exercises are a great option for the body, which will increase the metabolism of the body.

Smoking and Drugs Are A Total No

Drinking is considered healthy as long as the person drinks in the limit. An overdose of anything is bad. But smoking and consuming drugs are a total no. Smoking and drugs degrade the body. And are considered too bad for a healthy body.

A complete no to smoking and drugs may lead any person a good and healthy life.

Keep an Eye on the Cooking Oil

Some cooking oil does have a high amount of carbohydrates and calories. Avoiding oils that are rich in carbohydrates, fats, and calories may reduce the risk of cholesterol increase and other heart-related diseases.

Using virgin olive oil is a good option to keep the mind and body healthy. Virgin olive oil contains mono-saturated fats and antioxidants that reduce inflammation in the body.

These were some evidence-based tips and pieces of advice that should be followed to keep the body and mind healthy. Following these guidelines may help a person to achieve a healthy and nutritious life. Lifestyle also plays a major role in keeping a body healthy.


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