How to quickly modify your new house after move?

How to quickly modify your new house after Move

Moving into a new house is one of the happiest moments of life as you are going to start a new stage of life with new friends and new memories which will fill your life with enjoyment. But when you buy a new home after investing your life savings and you would never want to live in a house full of dirt and stains everywhere as it will decrease your joy of moving in. Experience one of the real pleasures as an owner to make your home truly yours –by modifying and decorating it according to your taste and lifestyle and make your home beautiful.

We agree that modifying your home is time-consuming and quite a hectic task; especially if you are doing it for the first time. You may end up more confused due to lack of required knowledge, and you will not have any option later. But you may have a general renovation style chosen for your entire residence, according to which room will be used by whom.

No need to worry anymore about your home renovation, as we are here to guide you step wise about how you can quickly modify your new home within your expected budget and have enough time to enjoy your Haven.

Deep Clean your home

One of the most crucial tasks you must do after moving in your new home is deep clean your entire house thoroughly; as the previous tenant must have left some clutters due to last moment relocation hassle. That’s why to have a clean residence you must deep clean your home before buying new things so that you can clean your home speedily due to vacant space. You must start cleaning your home from ceilings, walls, windows, floors, doors, and then outside exterior lastly using good quality cleaning supplies to get off all the pests and stains entirely.

What to buy : Cleaning sprays, Scrubbers, Vacuum cleaner, Sweeping brush, Dustpan, etc.

Give your bedroom a new design

Always try to make your new abode look different from your previous look for a unique feel, you can drop a mattress on the floor and cover it with a new bed sheet and extra pillows of your dear one’s favorite color with minimum design on it. Place it against the corner of wall and deck up with a few cushions and beautiful night bulbs of various sizes and colors, to enjoy some peaceful time with your family.

What to buy : You can also purchase beautiful carpets, Mattress, curtains, Wardrobe, Dressing table, Hangers for your clothes, etc.

Decorate your dining room

The dining room is the heart of every house, so you can choose the right and new design furnishings, especially for small dining room, as it can more attractive look to your new home. Other essential basics you must consider are the chairs, curtains, fancy lights—both will help you to define your style and set beautiful tableware.

What to buy : Kitchen table,Dustbin, Kettle, Gas oven, etc.

NOTE:If you are planning to relocate to a new home you can hire movers such as local packers and movers in Ahmedabad, they can help you with packing, loading, transporting, unloading and even unpacking. By their help you can have a stress free relocation.

Buy new attractive lights

Buy latest design lights which can fit on your walls, which can add more brightness and give new look to your new home. But remember to have not more than two or three such shadow lamps fitted on the walls, so that you can have space to adjust your paintings and frames in your new residence to add extra beauty to house.

What to buy : Decorative lights, lampshades, chandelier, fan fixtures, etc.

Buy new crockery set

No doubt, a top-quality cutlery set is essential for everyone who takes pride in entertaining their guests or want to enjoy delicious meals with their loved ones.

What to buy : Bowls, Small pots, Forks, Knives, Drinking Glasses (including glasses for wine), etc.


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Paint your home with your favorite color

After you are done with deep cleaning your home, the next task you must concentrate is to paint your house with white color has the ultimate resting effect on your minds (if it’s not painted for long time). As experts suggest Animated colors, produce disturbance in your mind, so it’s good to stay away from them. You can also use plaster of Paris and coat it up with your favorite shade to give your home superior look because new color will add a modern sophisticated look to your house.

Buy new wall stickers

Wall stickers give a refreshing feel to your entire home without investing much money. Decorating your new abode with your favorite stickers like If you love listening to music, you can choose the right ones won’t be hard for you to modify your walls.

Keep mild fragrances

Always keep slight room fresheners lingering in your entire home to have a feel ultimate freshness spread over your entire house continuously.

Install security system

After you are done with all the above tasks, you must install best home security system, especially you are moving in a new community which you are not aware of previously as you are going to live around strangers, and you can’t trust anyone blindly. That’s why it’s always safe to install a security system like CCTV Camera, Alarm system, etc. so that you can protect your beloved ones from any harm after shifting in a new locality

A new home is always special for you and your family!Use this opportunity to modify it according to your wish. If you want to have a comfortable life after moving, you must arrange all the essential things which you need daily primarily and then buy the other items to decorate your new place.


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