Top 4 Most Popular and High-Paying Careers in Fashion to Pursue

Top 4 Most Popular and High-Paying Careers in Fashion to Pursue

Do you have a passion for fashion? If you love to style clothes, put on nice make-up or always want to look your best, then fashion must be more than just a hobby. It must be your lifestyle. For those who want to look always great and those who want to dress to impress, maybe you have a future career in fashion.

Many people say fashion only offers a few high-income careers, but the fashion industry has a lot to offer in reality. However, fashionistas are not just about styling clothes; there are different careers you can pursue in the fashion industry.

Also, you can choose tons of different fashion courses that fit your talents or skills perfectly. Thus, you need to identify what aspect of the fashion industry appeals to you the most. The fashion industry cannot be generalized as it has wide-ranging careers and businesses to cater to the public.

Here are some of the most notable fashion careers which might fit your persona and passion.

Fashion Designer

Of course, there is no doubt about pursuing a career as a fashion designer. Everyone in the fashion industry loves to become a fashion designer. It is also the cream of the crop in the fashion industry, particularly in the clothing or garment industry.

Fashion designers dictate and introduce what is in or out in clothing styles. They introduce new trends in the market. Their creativity virtually rules everyone’s wardrobe. If you are a very meticulous eye for fashion and style, you can pursue a fashion designer by taking up a fashion designing degree in fashion courses.

Typically, taking up a degree in fashion designing takes up to four years, similar to other types of degrees.

Personal Stylist

A personal stylist’s job is very simple; you must make your client look stunning all the time. So, if you consider yourself a fashionista with a great sense of style, then being a personal stylist might be your best course of a career. You will get paid to shop for the best wardrobe your client wears.

Most of the time, your clients are either celebrities, famous personalities, athletes, or top honchos of companies. Your job is to style them, advise them, and provide them with the most suitable fashion style according to their physical attributes and persona. If you have a sense of sharing your fashion and style with others, then being a personal stylist might pave your way to success.

Fashion Retailer

Are you fond of selling your pre-loved clothing on your social media? Or do you plan on putting up your brand of clothing in the future? Being a fashion retail manager or fashion retailer might be your calling.

A fashion retail manager is also the one supervising or managing a brand’s clothing department. They are more involved in creating business decisions relevant to fashion trends. So, if you are business-minded, you can pursue this kind of career.

Fashion Journalist/Writer

When you have an excellent sense of style and has a way of writing nice content, then a fashion journalist might be your best career option. Being a fashion journalist, you will tell the world about the latest trends, the latest fashion events, and other fashion items either on your blog, newspapers, or fashion websites.

You will be sitting in the front row of a fashion event; you will get VIP access to the world’s biggest fashion week; you are going to do interviews with different fashion personalities and a lot more. You are a reporter in the world of fashion.

Final Thoughts

Have you pictured out any of these four fashion careers in your mind? There are more careers in fashion you can pursue. But it would be best if you remembered that all of these career options require hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. Success in the fashion industry is not achieved overnight. Also you should know the difference between Hobby vs Career before choosing any education field for your better future.


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