Is Scam? All you need to know about Opapp

Is Scam All you need to know about Opapp Scam: Know here all about it!

Want to Download any application through Opapps or If Yes, then be happy as you are safe from Scams, as here in this article we are going to discuss all That Opapps is how it is leading to scams and the reason why you should not use it.

Now, if you are interested in knowing all about the Scam, then before getting to it, let us understand what exactly apps are. So, here we go –

What are Opapps &

Opapps or is a website that allows users a huge variety of apps and applications to download from a single server. This website allows users to download any application from the web matter trusted or not, which means you can download any of your desired apps including those that are not approved by the Google Play Store.

Additionally, this website also allows users to download the previous version of their chosen asks, for example, if you wish to download a previous version of WhatsApp, which is not available on the Play Store now, then you can go to your Smartphone Web browser and type in for and press go. Then on the Website, you can search for the Whatsapp app and select a version, then boom your Application will be ready to download.

How Does Opapps Work?

If you want to download any application using their website then you need to follow the below easy steps:

  • Go to your Smart Device Web Browser (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, Edge or any other)
  • Search for or Directly Type in the URL –
  • Here on the Home Page, you can see a Search button
  • Click it Type in your Wished App and Press Search
  • Then a list of similar apps to your Searched Term will appear to you
  • Choose the app, which you want to download
  • Now, you need to select the Version, you can choose any version like the Latest, or any previous
  • Then Press the Download button and it will redirect you to a new page that will ask you for Human Verification.
  • Press the request, and after successfully verifying, the APK file will save on your device.


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Advantages / Disadvantages of

Now, here a lot of readers are having a question What are the advantages or disadvantages of using the Opapp website? If you are also having the same query then check the below details explanation:


  • Don’t need to log in with your Google / Gmail account.
  • Able to download any app available on the Web


  • Chances of viruses or crusted applications
  • Apps are not verified
  • Can lead to any fraud or Scam
  • Just and Just wastage of Time Scam Or Legit? Know here

Now, it’s time for the most important question is safe or a Scam as well and is it legit?

If you have a question linked to the above statement then make sure to read the below answer from our Experts.

Well, If we talk point to point, then your Doubt about Is Scam. Is True, Which means that Yes, it is nothing more than a scam.

If we go to their Web Page i.e.,, and try to download any of our wished applications, it will redirect you to a new page which will take some time to l. After that, it will show you a Timer of approx 20-30 seconds and after that, you will be redirected to a new page where it will ask you to go through the Human Verification.

Where the real Scam begins, as here it will ask you to do some tasks like Download any of the mentioned applications, Install them + Run them for 30-40 Seconds, if you proceed to verify then it can add harmful malware to your smart device which may leak for your data.

So, Make sure not to use any fake or unverified app download websites that are no more than scams and lead you to any data leaks or unauthorized financial transactions.

What Are the Complaints about

Well, Nowadays complaints about are increasing day by day. Some users are finding that it is leading to downloading some untrusted malware checkers from unknown sources, which is adding some viruses to their device and making their device slow on the other hand some are complaining that it is just a waste of time, it does not download our chosen application, instead of it, the website downloads any unknown app which may be seen as a scam.

All the raised complaints against the scam are linked to our above explanation, of how it is leading you to fraud, So beware before downloading any app or any file from any unverified sources like this.

The Final Verdict

Now, in the Final Words of scam, we will advise you not to use any Fake or untrusted app downloading website, as this Website can embed any harmful malware in your device, which can damage your smartphone as well as lead to any unauthored data fraud.

So, make sure to use the Google Play store, Apple App Store, or any other trusted app-downloading platform instead of Opapps or

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