Papa Johns Jack O Lantern Pizzas Are Back

Wherever and however you are celebrating Halloween this year, make sure you order from Papa John’s Pizza. If there is one treat that should show up at your door, it’s the Jack-O-Lantern pizza! This festive pizza has a row of juicy pepperoni as a border on the pumpkin-shaped dough. A creepy, yet cute smiley face is made from the toppings and ingredients of your choice in the middle. This is the perfect decorative food addition for your Halloween celebrations. But you don’t have to wait until October 31st to enjoy this pie. It’s available now, so you can go on and give its gooey mozzarella goodness a try.

How Their No-Contact Delivery Service Works

  • Whether you search for “lunch delivery near me” online or you order via the Papa John’s mobile app, you automatically receive their No-Contact Delivery. The “Leave order at my door” box will be checked when you check out. You can always uncheck it, though, if you want to pay with cash. As always, please remember to tip your driver (you can do this during checkout, too)! 
  • You can be confident that your pizza will not be touched after it’s taken out of the 450-degree oven. A Quality Seal will be applied to the pizza box to ensure that no one but you opens it. On the journey from the oven to your fingers, you are the only one who touches your pizza. 
  • Your delivery driver will arrive at your location and set the order up outside your door. By doing it this way, there will be no need for direct contact.
  • Your driver will then knock on your door or ring your doorbell. He or she will step back six feet and wait for you to come to the door. 
  • You can then safely collect your order. Since you pre-paid, there’s no need for any other exchange. 
  • Enjoy the fresh, hot deliciousness that awaits!


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Be Sure To Ask for Papa John’s Pizza Specials on Your Next Food Delivery

Papa John’s Pizza is more than just the pizza that’s in their name. You can choose from a wide variety of menu items. Try the Papadia; with five different flavors, you’ll have a different taste for each day of your workweek. If you need a kick, jalapeno popper rolls will be the perfect snack or side. Add garlic knots or wings to your specialty pizza order. They even have your drink needs covered. How about a cookie or brownie for dessert? With the mobile app, you can keep up with all of the special discounts from anywhere. They’ll also send you promo codes and money-saving texts. In addition, you can join the Papa Rewards loyalty program to collect points each time you order. These points will set you on the path toward even bigger rewards.

Whether Halloween or any other time of the year, there’s no excuse for paying too much when you have access to the best pizza specials around. You can fill up on fabulous, fresh food without emptying your wallet.


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