The Simplest Chocolate Cake Recipe Every Chocolate Love Must Try!!!

Simplest Chocolate Cake Recipe

Who does not like to eat cake? Be it, children or senior citizens, cakes are everyone’s favorite dessert. No matter what happens in the house, no party is fully enjoyed without a cake-cutting ritual. Whether it is anyone’s birthday or marriage anniversary, or any other special moment, every event seems to fade without a delicious cake. If the children ever get the cake to eat, they will never refuse to eat the cake. Cakes are eaten at home here without festivals for many people because they demand these sweet desserts.

We can eat any flavor of cake, but if we talk about chocolate flavor, chocolate is the most favorite flavor not only for children but also for adults. If it is talked about making this chocolate-flavored cake at home, it is also very easy to make it. You don’t always have to order birthday cake online for ordinary days or after-dinner desserts; you can get a new cake experience by baking it in your kitchen.

Today we are going to tell you the simple method of making delicious Chocolate Cakes at home. After reading this article, you can make and prepare cakes at home anytime and surprise your kids. You can make the cake in both the cooker or oven. If you do not eat eggs, the cake can be made easily without eggs too. Whenever you bring a ready-made cake from the market, it always goes on in your mind that there is no egg in it, and many people do not eat the market cake just because of it.

If even an older person does not eat market cake in your house, then you should make them make a delicious chocolate cake with your own hands at home. They will surely love it a lot! Anyway, Mother’s day is about to come, so why not make a chocolate cake with your own hands and surprise your mother on this Mother’s Day? This will be a great idea indeed. So, go ahead and get to know about the chocolate cake recipe!

Ingredients Required To Bake Chocolate Cake

250 Gm Flour

100 Gm Ghee or Butter

100 Gm Sugar [Pc]

Salt [a pinch]

200 Gm Condensed Milk

50 Gm Cocoa Powder

1 cup milk

1 tbsp Baking Powder [teaspoon]

Baking soda [half a teaspoon]

Chocolate Pieces [To Garnish]

4-5 cherries [for garnishing]


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Method For Making Chocolate Cake

  • To make chocolate cake, first, take all-purpose flour in a vessel, now mix baking soda, baking powder, cocoa powder, and salt in it and mix all these and filter it.
  • Take a container to make the cake, put a little ghee to smooth it all around.
  • Take a little flour and roll it around the container so that the flour sticks well to the ghee, and remove the remaining flour from the container.
  • Take ghee or butter in a vessel, add powdered sugar to it and mix it well with a spoon. Add condensed milk to it and beat it well.
  • Slowly add the filtered flour and beat the mixture. Take care that there should not be any lumps in the mixture; beat it well.
  • Now mix the milk little by little and keep whisking it. To make a chocolate cake in this way, the batter has to be prepared.
  • The batter is ready to make the cake; put a bowl of salt under the cooker, and place it on the gas to heat it.
  • The container cannot be placed directly in the cooker; there is a risk of the cake burning, so always make a cake in the cooker by placing a bowl of salt or sand under the cooker so that the cooker’s temperature remains the same.
  • Heat the cooker on high heat for 2-3 minutes, then put the cake batter in a smooth container and spread it evenly, knocking it.
  • Put this container in the cooker, take out the cooker city separately, and close the cooker’s lid.
  • Allow the cake to cook for 45-50 minutes after the gas has turned down on low flame. Open the cooker after 40-45 minutes and check the cake with a knife to check it. If the cake is not on the knife, then it means the cake is ready. If the cake sticks to the knife, then cooker for 5-10 minutes. Close the cake and let the cake bake further.
  • After the cake is made, take it out of the cooker and place the container at the average temperature to cool down. After that, turn the cake from side to side with a knife and remove the container in a vessel by pushing it lightly.
  • Chocolate cake is ready and garnished with cherry and chocolate shavings.

Recipe Notes

Before searching online cake delivery in Noida services, try the recipe we shared with you because this will be fun. If you want, you can also add dry fruits of your choice. The baked chocolate cake will be even tastier and will also be beneficial for health. Everyone must try it!

Final Words

This is a very simple chocolate cake recipe. We believe that you appreciate this article and will surely try it in the future. So, go ahead and explore the cake-baking activity.


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