7 Practical Fireplace Accessories

7 Practical Fireplace Accessories

A fireplace is among one of the most important aspects of a pleasant and cozy house. Warmth, lighting, and atmosphere are all provided by fireplaces. If you want your fireplace to stand out even more in your house, various accessories might enable you to achieve that effect.

Fireplace Screens

Keeping your living room from looking crowded and cluttered is easy with a fireplace screen. A huge fire can produce a lot of heat, making it difficult to do much else in the room. A fireplace screen adds another layer of protection between you and the flame while also permitting you to have a fireplace rack or mantel in front of it.

Log Holders

Log holders are designed to handle logs that are larger than what most people anticipate to find on fireplace racks. They also provide the appearance of a well-established home because they appear to have been used by the same family for years. This can aid in the creation of a welcoming atmosphere.

Fireplace Tool Sets

Fireplace tool sets may also involve shovels or brushes for cleaning up after the ashes have been cleared from the fireplace. These enhance the appearance of your house fireplace while also keeping you safe when moving around hot logs.


Firebacks are ornamental pieces that reflect heat back into the room.  Ceramic, cast iron, and metal materials with attractive designs are used to create firebacks. Firebacks are available in a variety of sizes, but they should never obscure your vision of the fireplace.

Mantels for Fireplaces

A mantel is a popular addition to most fireplace-equipped homes. They provide classic charm and nostalgia to your home while also providing additional storage space by letting you to hang shelves to showcase items such as photo frames or intricate details.

Buckets of Ash

For everyone who wants to keep their home spotless, an ash bucket is a must-have accessory. They’re made of metal and have a long handle that makes it very easy to collect hot ashes without getting burned or dirtying your fireplace. They also work well as decorative items.

Gloves for the Fireplace

The safest way to manage wood and move it around your fireplace is with fireplace gloves. They safeguard your hands from excessive heat and rough edges, making it easy to double-check that everything is in working order before putting up or regulating the fire.

Shelter Logics Haul It Wood Mover Rolling Firewood Cart is a good place to start if you’re not sure what to get as a fireplace accessory. They will present you with a wide range of items that will enhance the beauty of your home and will provide you with a variety of products, ranging from larger components like firebacks and mantels to tiny additions like log holders.


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