New to Using a Cupping Set? Here Are The 5 Basic Steps of This At-Home Therapy Method!

New to Using a Cupping Set Here Are The 5 Basic Steps of This At-Home Therapy Method!

Are you experiencing sore, stiff, or painful muscles, and the discomfort won’t go away? You may need to try cupping a deep massage! Although cupping is currently a hot and trendy method of therapy, it is not new, as it dates back to ancient times in different cultures such as Egyptian and Chinese.

What Is Cupping Set Therapy?

It is an ancient healing method whereby a flammable substance like herbs and alcohol is put in a cup and put on fire. As the fire goes off, the cup is put upside down on your skin for a few minutes, thus creating a suction force that expands and breaks open blood capillaries. Since your body will treat the cupping area as an injury, there will be more blood flow to that cupping area, hence stimulating healing- this relieves pain, inflammation, improves blood flow, and promotes relaxation.

If you decide that you want to give a go to cupping therapy at home, you should get a cupping set from Source Fitness and follow these 5 basic steps: 1) Apply massage oil to the areas to be cupped 2) Soak cotton balls in alcohol and light it 3) Quickly insert the flame in and out of the cup 4) Put the cup onto your skin upside down 5) Adjust pressure based on your comfort level

1)Apply Massage Oil to The Areas to Be Cupped

You can choose to apply massage oil of your choice on your skin before cupping, as this will allow the cup to glide smoothly over your skin during the process, hence minimizing or avoiding bruising on your skin.

2) Soak Cotton Balls in Alcohol and Light It

If you choose the dry type of cupping, you will need to heat your cup by usually briefly setting an alcohol-soaked cotton ball inside the cup; this, in turn, drives out all oxygen in the cup. If you prefer wet-type cupping, you will need to puncture the skin first.    

3) Quickly Insert the Flame in and Out of the Cup

Place the alcohol dabbed cotton wool or any other flammable substance like herbs in the cup. You will hear the sound of the alcohol coating inside the cup as it uses oxygen in the cup to burn, thus creating a vacuum that will create an adherence force onto your skin. 

4) Put The Cup onto Your Skin Upside Down

Remove the cotton ball and quickly place the cup opening against your skin. Repeat this procedure for each cup and leave them for about 15 minutes or gently glide them around. To remove a cup, push your finger under its opening, which directly contacts the skin. Ensure you do not pull the cup as this will be not only painful but also cause bruising.

5) Adjust Pressure Based On Your Comfort Level

You can minimize the pressure on the skin by pushing along the edge of the bowl rim without the need to remove the cupping bowl. It is important to note that the longer the cup is left on the skin, the higher the probability of leaving marks on your skin, which typically fade away in about 10 days.

Cupping is good therapy if you are experiencing pain or want relaxation. You can purchase your own cupping set and follow the steps mentioned to do the therapy at the comfort of your home!


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