What Can Be The Problem With Uric Acid?

We have DNA in our body cells. DNA again contains the purine nucleotide. Purine is also available from the foods we eat. The breakdown of purine contained in these cells results in the production of uric acid as a final product or end product. This uric acid is released into the blood and is released from the body through the kidneys as urine.

Uric acid causes many problems in the body:

We all have uric acid in our body, but that’s a normal amount. Unusually, if excess uric acid is not released from the kidney or excess body uric acid is formed. Then the problem started. Uric acid begins to accumulate in the joints or joints of the body, including the knees. Then the bone joints become red, swelling and pains begin. As a result, the infected patient may have difficulty walking.

Caused by the increase in uric acid levels:

If uric acid is high in blood during childhood and adolescence, it is not completely extracted from the kidney. Again, applying certain medicines like thyroid can prevent the uric acid from coming out of the kidney. Young children may also be able to produce excess uric acid due to genetic problems. In adults, uric acid may be increased by dietary supplements.

What can increase the diet of uric acid levels?

There is some food to avoid in uric acid because uric acid increases when playing some vegetables, it is important to know that some animal foods can accumulate in the body but in high doses. In urban areas, uric acid is found to be high due to the tendency of eating meat, meats, shrimp, crabs, fish eggs and alcohol.

Another reason could be the increase in uric acid

Increased uric acid is called part of the metabolic syndrome. So high blood pressure, high cholesterol-triglyceride and diabetes, uric acid is more likely to rise. On top of that, if any of the close relatives have this problem or kidney stone, gout problem, then the uric acid-related problem in the patient is more likely to occur.

Again uric acid is feared by lifestyle problems. If the lipid profile is high then uric acid is more available in many cases uric acid. If in some cases blood sugar, high cholesterol, triglyceride rate is high but uric acid is low, it is advisable to check uric acid levels within 3/2 years.

The key is to check whether uric acid has increased

Blood tests are done to find out how much uric acid is in the blood. The test is done on an empty stomach for 12 hours. Again, the amount of uric acid in the blood, but if the stone is not high, the amount of uric acid in urine is checked for 24 hours. With age, the amount of uric acid is small but increases gradually. However, that is not the case for the younger ones. Genetic testing is done when children have problems with uric acid, kidney stone due to some birth defects, and pediatricians do it.

Again, if there is a national symptom of being stuck in the urine, bleeding out of the urine or feeling irritated, and then there is a UTI or urinary infection. Also, it is known whether the patient had a kidney stone before and whether the patient had a bladder or a ureter. Likewise, X-rays, ultrasonograms or CT scans are viewed.

What can be the problem with uric acid?

  1. Increased uric acid levels can lead to acute uric acid arthritis. The old finger in it swells red, causing severe pain. Even fever can occur. There may be pain in the knees, ankles, and feet, from small bones, hands, elbows to wrists, to fingers. The pain increases only when the pressure is increased. So this time it is advisable to bake the ice and get enough rest in addition to taking medicines.
  2. There may also be urethral nephropathy. Uric acid, like crystal, accumulates in the kidney and increases urea-creatinine. There are two types of this again.
  3. Acute urete nephropathy can usually be seen as a side effect of treatment for patients with blood cancer. In that case, uric acid is tested before the treatment of cancer and to reduce uric acid levels (allopurinol) is prescribed before the cancer treatment begins. With this, sufficient intravenous fluid is given.
  4. In addition to uric acid, kidney stones may also be present. It can come down in the ureter or bladder, prevent urination, and bleed.


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