Why To Get GTIN from GS1 India?

GS 1 stands for Global Standard 1 which is an international standardized organization with member bodies in more than 50 countries worldwide. It manages GTIN which stands for Global Trade Item Number. It helps to identify companies as well as their products or services utilized in EAN, UPC, and other barcodes. The gs1india is a Standard body with founder members. It is mainly developed to enhance the efficiency, visibility and safety of supply chains across digital plus physical channels. The GS1 is best as well as a popular recognized barcode standard which is scanned more than 6 billion times each day. It helps to scan groceries, locate utensils in a hospital fastly and buy products online.

What is GS1?

Generally, GTIN is a registered and well-recognized trademark of GS1. It is also known as the GS1 barcode number for products. GTIN provides a unique identity to each & every product worldwide. It acts as a key to many retail applications like inventory management, billing, traceability, distribution centers, and many others. It is more essential and commonly utilized worldwide by trading partners including manufacturers, logistics providers, retailers, etc. It is one of the common and effective methods to identify products in an easy way. Each product has a unique number that cannot be duplicated. It enables to avoid hesitation incidence.

Is it possible to get GTIN from other organizations?

If you have a question that where can I get GTIN from other organizations? If so yes you can get product number from gs1india. It is one of the standard organizations in India. GSI barcode consists of 13 digit number code which starts with 890. You can obtain barcode numbers online. With the help of GTIN, manufacturers or brand owners can gain visibility of their products or services through search engines.

GS1 standards improve profitability and efficiency. It facilitates unique as well as universal identification for products and services. It is mainly used for barcoding customer products. So you can track or trace products in an easy way.

Why GS1?

  • Universal product identification

GS1 barcode provides universal and unambiguous identification to products or services. The unique product code can be encoded to numerous barcode forms such as QR code, Datamatrix, etc based on the needs in order to capture the product information immediately.

  • Sell to online shopping websites and popular retailers

GS1 India sells trade number via leading retailers as well as online shopping sites for their products.

  • Free barcode management

You can effortlessly assign plus manage GTIN for your products or services. It aids to avoid barcode duplication. With the help of it, you can view all product information, images, attributes, etc on a screen. Moreover, you can generate artwork for designing barcodes as well as view complete product lifecycles immediately.

  • Improve online search results

When the barcode number is used in the product, leading retailers will get higher visibility. So business owners can reach their business to the next level. Therefore manufacturers can enhance online search results.


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