PUBG Vs Fortnite which is better?

PUBG Vs Fortnite which is better

Everyone is interested in games and especially digitalized games attract people of all ages from kids to old age. These days battle royale games are having high demand and craze among the gamers. Since, 2017, the gaming era has attracted huge number of players with the two popular battle royale games that are PUBG and Fortnite. These both battle royale games are influence and inspired by a popular Japanese thriller movie named “Battle Royale”.

PUBG is a game from Bluehole and is the first type of battle royale game, while Fortnite is the second one in the same year from Epic Games. These two games attract the gamers and each huge number of fans too. Both the games have some best features and defects too; however they are being corrected in the updated versions.

Why pubg is better than fortnite?

Pubg is a better battle game than that of fortnite, even though it has some defects or corrections that need to be done, still it stands as first option for a gamer. So, let’s have a look at why pubg is better than fortnite?

  • Graphics are worth

Pubg is designed with better graphics in a realistic mode that means they are highly realistic and perfectly well which creates more interest in playing the game. When it comes to fortnite, this is designed with cartoonish graphics, mostly this type of graphics is liked by kids and other age groups.

  • Huge world

Pubg has a huge world where one can explore for the hidden treasures, and more number of maps makes it quite interesting to involve more in the game. is a platform where you can get the world at one place! Let’s explore in the easiest way.

  • Weapon attachments

Pubg has bought its fans a wonderful opportunity to attach weapons and try them in the game, while most of the weapons share same attachments.

  • Customizable characters

Pubg allows the users to customizable the characters as per their wish and make them look how they wish to be. This is one of the attractive features to customize the characters in the game.

Fortnite vs pubg mobile

Pubg and fortnite games are available on almost all the platforms and they just do not stick themselves to PC or laptop, but can also be played on the smartphones too. If you would like to know fortnite vs pubg mobile, you should do some basic study. Both the games are free to use on the smartphones and gamers no need to purchase them, except for some cosmetics and nothing more in particular. Directional indicators are same in both the battle games, but fortnite has additional golden indicator in it. However, indicators are working better in UBG rather than that in fortnite, where it is more of three dimensional.

Auto pick-up feature is almost same in both battle games, in fortnite building materials are picked up, while in pubg attachments for guns or higher level armor or backpacks. Lets know some facts about pubg vs fortnite meme.  Fortnite mobile has huge features to be unlocked most of them are done by playing while others need to be purchased. In pubg, totally it will be as traditional loot box system, where some of them can be opened with in-game currency while others need to be purchased.

Fortnite mobile is almost similar to that of the PC one, however the improvements are taking place in terms of graphics settings. Pubg mobile is offering more robust graphics settings that make it to use on any of the platform. Both games are really doing great even on the mobiles, but it can be said that PUBG adding more features in mobile to already existing huge number of maps. Fortnite is attracting the mobile users with seasonal weapons and other items that is gaining users crazy.

Pubg vs fortnite meme

Fortnite players will experience the fun from the insanity which became possible through its colorful visuals and the absurdity that is observed in some of the items. However, Fortnite can be said as a game for the kids, though it can also be played by all age groups, still they get excited playing this more. Although there is not much difference between pubg vs fortnite, but they have many distinct features.

Pubg players will experience the fun of playing through inescapable tension, which is the only factor that is creating lots of interest in playing this game. This game is having huge traffic through which a player needs to navigate `by shooting they need to find the way to their victory. In pubg vs fortnite meme, both are on the same level without much difference.

The final choice will be of the user as which game they wants to play as per their choice.


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