Holiday Help – 5 Reasons Why It Pays to Plan Ahead for Christmas

Why It Pays to Plan Ahead for Christmas

Would you love a Christmas that felt less stressful and less financially draining, all whilst still being plenty of fun? Then you might want to check out these five reasons it pays to plan ahead for Christmas: 

Spread The Cost

By planning for Christmas early, you can spread the cost of items that may be a lot to pay for in one go. You can also ease the burden of all the other Christmas expenses. 

Items like expensive toys, Christmas hampers, technology, and other big-ticket purchases can all be paid for bit by bit, helping to soften the financial blow come Christmas. 

To minimize the “turkey burden,” lots of supermarkets also have a savings scheme whereby you pay money onto a Christmas shop card, and if you reach a certain amount by Christmas, they give you a bonus to spend in-store along with everything you have saved. 

Take Advantage Of Bargains 

Throughout the year, you will come across so many bargains that would be helpful for Christmas purchases. For example, if you’re willing to forego the latest Christmas decoration trends, you can get holiday decorations at extremely low prices after Christmas to save for next year. 

There are also multiple sales throughout the year where you can get bargains that will make great gifts. By taking advantage of these money-saving events, you can create a magical Christmas that doesn’t cost you the earth.

Avoid Inflation

The average American spends around $997.79 on Christmas. Compare that to your monthly wages, and you’ll get a feel for how excessive this season can be. No doubt that spending comes from a mix of social pressure, consumerism, and wanting to have the very best time on the day. It also has a little to do with the fact that many companies hike up their prices around Christmas. 

Sure, they might be listed as “on sale,” but have they been at an inflated price for months before to make it look like they are a bargain price? This is just one clever tactic used by stores to get you to buy more. 

Avoid this inflation at Christmas by purchasing earlier in the year when Christmas sales are not a priority in the retail world. 

Have The Time To Enjoy The Season

At Christmas, nearly 45% of 18-29-year-olds struggle with anxiety or depression. While there are many factors that may contribute to negative feelings over the holidays, the fact is that the financial pressure can be too much for many of us. 

When you prepare slowly throughout the year for Christmas, you remove a lot of that stress and strain. This allows you to slip into December fully prepared, with the time and money needed to enjoy the season in full. 

Avoid Debt

If you often end up seeking debt help after Christmas, you’re not alone. Many people find themselves in this position after spending too much on creating the perfect Christmas. 

It is important to know that preparing early can help you to avoid debt. Saving a little every month is important. Buying items at their lowest price will also help you bank up some gifts and avoid the pressure to drop one or two months’ wages come Christmas. 

With this information tucked away in your mind, you can avoid the stressful buying trap of Christmas shopping and glide into the holidays stress-free, having planned out your holiday season well in advance. 


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