How to Improve Your Internet Speed for A Better Gaming Experience

How to Improve Your Internet Speed for A Better Gaming Experience

The Internet is one of the main ingredients that you need when playing any online game. When you do anything online, it pushes the limits of your internet usage drastically depending on the activity. When playing games such as those offered on NetBet online slots the download speed is not the main factor affected, but rather the speed of your broadband service is.

A decent internet speed, however, can make or break your online gaming experience. It turns out there is more than meets the eye when it comes to internet speed. We look at a few factors that can affect your gaming online and what to look for when choosing the best ones, below so you don’t suffer from lagging and missing out on that big win.

Upload Speed and Download Speed

The most bandwidth-intensive activity may not be the games you play, this is because it is usually streamed directly over your connection. It does however determine the graphics of the game, which are displayed on the screen. The information that passes between the server and the game is minimal and includes several things such as the controller input, mouse input, the current state of the internet, player communications and locations including yours, and controller inputs.

Player location does play a large part when playing online games because if they are not in a country that supports high-speed internet, it could slow down their progress, especially when playing multiplayer games against other players.

Modern games with high-definition graphics need a download speed of at least 3 Mbps. You could reduce the lag with a few suggestions such as checking the internet speed, aiming for low latency, moving your laptop or PC closer to the modem, and closing any background tabs and activities not needed, using an ethernet cable for instance.

Distance Between you and The Server

This is one of the solutions to reducing any time-outs while playing online. The internet signal moves through multiple “stations” as it travels to you from the main server and games that support multiplayer action tend to go through more stations than others.

If you can reduce this “journey” by moving closer to the modem, you can drastically reduce any hindrances and be able to play a game a lot better and faster. If you use fiber-optic cables, this too can increase the speed of your connection.

Some of the best internet connections for online gaming include Verizon and Google Fiber, and you can also opt for the 5G networks available in your local area. With fibre, you can get up to 2000 Mbps and other options such as DSL or 5G can give you up to 1000 Mbps. The one you choose should be compatible with your device and modem.

Do a Reset

This may sound like an obvious solution but many miss it. Resetting your network devices and router can help to improve your gaming performance. To do this you just need to restart your internet connection and equipment.

Last, but not least, turning off any other devices and unnecessary applications can help with a struggling internet connection. If you live with other people, perhaps they are downloading a video when you are about to start playing online.


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